Tim Litle

Litle & Co.

Marketing EDGE Trustee Tim Litle is founder and Chairman of Litle & Co., a payment processor focused on meeting the needs of direct response marketers.   Although the company is relatively young—it was founded in 2001—many direct marketers still recognize the name:  his previous company, also called Litle & Co. before it was sold in 1995 (he sold the company but not the name), is now called Paymentech.

In fact, Litle has been involved in the Direct Marketing industry for more than 35 years and has played a critical role in its growth and evolution.  Recognizing and harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, Litle has consistently developed new ways to streamline and enhance the Direct Marketing process.  From his ground-breaking use of computers for list maintenance and subscription fulfillment, to the development of what eventually became the USPS Carrier Route Presort System, to reducing the overall fraud write-off for Direct Marketing enterprises from 2% to just 0.1% and changing the way all Direct Marketers process and receive credit card payments, Litle’s innovations stand as milestones in the evolution of an entire industry.

In 2005, the Direct Marketing Association elected Litle to its Hall of Fame for his lifetime achievements.  He is a past member of the DMA Board and its Executive Committee.  He helped found the DMA’s Privacy Task Force, and is past chairman of the DMA’s Committee on Ethical Business Practice, and a Board member of Marketing EDGE.

Litle’s innovations in the Payment Processing industry include:

  • Creating the concept of CID verification and introducing it to American Express
  • Introducing the concept of AVS to Visa
  • Convincing Visa to accept installment billing

A recognized Direct Marketing and Payments expert, Litle is frequently invited to speak before industry groups and professional organizations.  His expertise has also been called upon by the International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and by the White House during hearings on privacy issues.

Litle is also a director of several privately owned companies.

Litle holds a B.S. from Caltech and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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