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2016-2017 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge gives students the experience of creating a marketing plan for a business.

Collette Travel   Welcome, Intro & Video

Collette is the subject of the 2016-2017 Challenge.  This international travel excursion company seeks marketing research to understand their target audience's present and future travel needs, and a marketing plan to reach that audience.

  • Students work as "agencies" of 2-5 members to develop marketing campaigns.
  • Faculty advisors nationwide find the Challenge a useful teaching tool.

The Collegiate ECHO Challenge Is:


The 2016-2017 Challenge is to:


Research and evaluate the travel needs of consumers and their expectations for travel experiences today, and for the future. Create an example of an ideal travel experience and develop an integrated marketing plan to entice consumers to travel with Collette.  Your budget is up to $5MM to drive leads and convert to booking tours for 2020 and beyond targeting the following audiences.

·         1st Semester Challenge (fall 2016-2017) - Baby Boomers

·         2nd Semester Challenge (spring 2017) - Generation X


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