Collegiate ECHO Judges’ Brief (3 sections)

1. The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge by

Collette  guided by travel


Collette is a third generation, family-owned company with offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our mission is to enhance life’s journey by creating extraordinary travel experiences. Collette operates over 140 guided tours across all 7 continents. We are approaching our 100th year anniversary which will be in 2018. Collette focuses on the overall tour experience and service as we are a 4-star tour operator. Our top priorities are guest safety and satisfaction. We take pride in hiring and retaining the top tour managers in the industry. Our guided tours include all the details of your trip including airfare, hotels, meals, sightseeing, attractions and cultural experiences.

Distribution channels include travel agents as well as direct-to-consumer.


The Product Development team that creates the guided tours work on a two- to three-year timeline from the planning stages to the release of a guided tour. Guests make their travel plans at a minimum of 6-9 months from travel date. With this extended timeline, Collette needs to understand the travel needs, wants, and trends of consumers before they make their travel decisions.

Our current product lines are:

· Classic – Flagship collection of tours allowing you to marvel at the must-sees, become a part of a new culture, with time to explore on your own (max 44 guests).

· Explorations – Small group tours (avg 18 guests) with culturally immersive adventures that take you off the beaten path. Stay in boutique accommodations and enjoy authentic culinary experiences.

· Spotlights – Single hotel stays and quick getaways with more freedom to explore on your own, but also enjoying the benefits of inclusive guided travel.

· River Cruise – As experts in guided travel we partnered with the experts in river cruising to provide the ultimate river/land touring experience. This is not our core competency but we have a small offering as our consumers like to cruise as well. We are not looking to evolve with river cruise driving the majority of our business.


Our current core travelers are Traditionalists and older Baby Boomers. The profiles within these generations who travel on guided tours have above average education and net worth. Baby Boomers will increasingly drive the market as Traditionalists will “age out” and Generation X will start to become a significant group to market to. We currently drive awareness and bookings through a national sales team working with travel agents and group leaders, direct mail, online marketing, social media, partnerships, and television.


Research and evaluate the travel needs of consumers and their expectations for travel experiences today, and for the future. Create an example of an ideal travel experience and develop an integrated marketing plan to entice consumers to travel with Collette. Your budget is up to $5MM to drive leads and convert to booking tours for 2020 and beyond targeting the following audiences.

· 1st Semester Challenge (fall 2016) - Baby Boomers

· 2nd Semester Challenge (spring 2017) – Generation Xers


2. Judging the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge




We are evaluating the following required deliverables using the scoresheet at this link which also will be on  (Feel free to print the page or bookmark it for your reference).  Half the score (25 points out of 50) is weighted on market research.  The deliverables are:

1) Executive Summary and Proposal in writing with visual support (elements 1-3 below are separate documents,each with their own page count):

1. Executive Summary (1 page)

2. Written Proposal - no more than 10 pages, excluding appendices (If it runs slightly over, we allow it.)

3. Strategic Summary Chart, up to three (3) pages, a two-column document listing key marketing research conclusions in the 1st column and corresponding proposed strategies in the 2nd column.

2) Appendices (max. 20 pages) are backup for the proposal, including research documentation, a detailed annual budget allocated by media and tactics with forecasted results, as well as references and citations.

3) Visual Summary in a PowerPoint or a 3–minute video summary.

We are not evaluating the Team Photo or Team Name (however - if a team name is inappropriate feel free to include a comment on it).

Further details can be found at the "Client Brief / Official Rules" link at,

FAQs - see the FAQs page - PLEASE NOTE:

  • Spring teams should run their campaigns for, or during parts of one calendar year - 2018.
  • We won't penalize fall teams if they don't run the campaign during one calendar year - due to a certain omission in the official rules. 
  • However - please do expect a realistic timeframe. 
  • Slide deck length is not specified in the Official Rules.  We will not penalize for slide deck length unless you consider a deck beneath or beyond the customary length for a pitch to a potential client.

PLEASE COMMENT - Separate Comments in Terms of Strengths and Areas for Improvement

We request you provide constructive comments. They are essential for faculty advisors teaching the students,  These mandatory comment fields are separated in terms of:

    • Strengths and
    • Areas for Improvement. (Mandatory fields.)
  • A couple of paragraphs of constructive commentary is better than a few bullets, but we don't want to slow you down.  Comment as you see fit.
  • Avoid comments like "best I've seen so far" - it may be the best, but campaigns you might not have seen can make win while yours does not... so if you can phrase that sentiment differently it will be appeciated. (e.g., well done, well executed, good job on xxxx, etc.)


ENTRIES: When you log into your account, you will see a list of entries for your review.  Click an entry number, it opens the entry. 


 If a submissions list is not displayed, click the dropdown next to your name in the upper right of the screen, and click "Team Accounts | Marketing EDGE."  

Name List

Scroll past the questionnaire on the left side, and at the bottom of the left side, you'll see the submitted files for review. Click an entry number in the Submission column to open the entry and the review.  

Entry display       

When you click a file name in the entry, it will open right in the Submittable platform so you can read (or watch) and evaluate the entry.  You also can download the files to see them on your own equipment.  When a file doesn’t open in Submittable, downloading is advised.  (Submittable’s help desk told me their platform can’t open a video file saved a certain way, but the video played OK when downloaded on my PC, for example). On the display, there are arrows on the left and right side (middle of slide) that allow you to advance to the next or previous file.

  Display of Entry

Scoresheet.  The scoresheet appears to the right of the entry.  (Or there will be a button in the upper right of the screen linking to the
"reviewing" scoresheet).  There are areas for ratings and comments.  Comments can be typed directly, or copy-and-pasted from another document.  You can expand a comment box by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the box.

Entry comment boxes

At the end of the competition, we will provide Collegiate ECHO faculty advisors with the comments (anonymously).  Faculty may share the comments with their students, use them to inform their teaching, or both.

Tags and Status  


  • Ignore the status tags ("in progress")
  • "Fall" tag (not shown above) - the target audience is Baby Boomers.
  • "Spring" tag (shown above) - the target audience is Generation Xers.  Most judges will receive only spring entries.


  • Pace yourself.  Divide the number of submissions you have by the number of days you're available and set aside time accordingly.
    • It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to review and score an entry.  If you’re new, it can take ½ hour or more. 
  • Save Draft vs. Finalize: When scoring – you can “save draft” (and come back later to edit or complete) or “finalize and submit.”  Try saving the first 2-3 reviews without finalizing and submitting so you can come back to them.  Once you’ve seen a few entries, you might have second thoughts about your scoring on the first one – and you can go back and edit before finalizing.  Once you click "finalize," Marketing EDGE then can see your review, but you can't edit it.  However, if you’ve finalized and submitted a review, and want to edit it further, feel free to contact Jeff Nesler.  
  • You can also download your review.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Jeff Nesler and for technical or log-in issues contact Submittable at (or the help and suport link under your name in the top right of the screen)