Marketing and Sales Intern

Northampton, MA
Job Overview: 

VOmax (, a leading global manufacturer of cycle and sports apparel.  VOmax is located in Northampton, MA. </p>
Available ASAP<br />


Will be responsible the following duties:</p>
<br />
•    Assist with marketing and promotional campaigns<br />
•    Assist with the development and implement of programs for lead generation<br />
•     Assist the sales and marketing staff in regard to their operational duties, includes administrative support<br />
•     Assist with event operations where necessary<br />
•    Help plan and execute marketing campaigns<br />
•    3 to 4 days per wk</p>


•    Exceptional work ethic, strong desire to succeed, professionalism, and a passion for the outdoor sports industry a plus<br />
•    Strong social media knowledge with IT experience<br />
•    Understands how to navigate and establish consistent marketing promotional<br />
•    Programs daily thru the diverse e commerce and social media channels<br />
•    Knows how to create retail websites and retail web stores that market the company's<br />
•    Brand. Familiarity with implementing tracking metrics pertaining to hits on multiple sites<br />
•    Brings some knowledge of dealing with Business to consumer webstore retail Sales<br />
•    Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word<br />
•    Display strong communication and interpersonal skills<br />
•    Show initiative and be a self-starter<br />
•    Possess creative and strategic thinking skills</p>

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