Marketing Specialist

New York, New Jersey, California
Job Overview: 

  The Hutton Group is the national expert for converting housing cooperatives to condominiums.  We need talented and self-motivated individuals to research, idetify, contact and motivate potential clients that are primarily the Board Members in cooperatives around the country to request a complementary feasibility study to convert to a condominium.  </p>


Research public and private information available to identify Board Members and Shareholders in cooperative housing associations in designated areas.  </p>
Maintain database or legacy CRM (Client Relationship Management) system with all data points.  </p>
Prepare and execute campaigns to reach potential clients through mail, phone and email.  </p>
Design and implement continuous series of communication with potential clients for conversion of cooperative to condominium form of ownership.  </p>
Clients are nationwide but concentrated in the east and west coast.  Must be able to receive and initiate phone and email communication at times convenient to the potential clients, sometimes during evening and weekend hours.</p>


Sales, Marketing, Written & Oral Communication Skills, CRM, Data Entry and Management, Reporting, Microsoft Office Suite</p>

Entry Level
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