Panels | Saturday, October 7

(R)evolution of Marketing  

The only constant in Marketing is ‘change.' Over the last decades, marketing has transformed from a field dominated by creative messaging to one that is driven by data and digital technologies. In the next decade, we foresee artificial intelligence and other technological revolutions to have a profound impact on marketing practice. A panel of experts and thought leaders from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds will offer their perspectives on this intriguing topic, which bears substantive implications for future academic research.  

Andy Arlotta   Andy Arlotta: Co-owner & President of Georgia Swarm. Georgia Swarm is a professional Lacrosse team of the NLL. Mr. Arlotta successfully led his team to win the 2017 World Championship.
  Murali Mantrala     Murali Mantrala: Sam M. Walton Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Chair, Department of Marketing at University of Missouri. He has published numerous articles in top-tier academic journals and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Retailing. 
Stewart Pearson   Stewart Pearson: Co-founder and CEO of Consilient Corporation. Prior to this, he was the Global Chief Client Officer and Vice Chairman of Wunderman and responsible for serving client disciplines in over 100 markets worldwide. 
Liz Ward   Elizabeth (Liz) Ward: Chief Marketing Officer at the United Way of Greater Atlanta. Ms. Ward is a seasoned marketer with experience spanning across client, agency, and consulting sides of the business. Before joining United Way Atlanta, she ran her own brand strategy consulting firm for 16 years and has held key leadership positions at the American Marketing Association.
Denish Shah   Moderator: Denish Shah, Barbara and Elmer Sunday Professor of Marketing; Director, Master of Science in Marketing Program; and Associate Professor, Georgia State University