Comments from Past Participants


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Why Should You Attend?

This is the greatest way to sample the research that is being done in academia and how it relates to the practitioners' world.  There are also great resources for improving your teaching and sharpening your teaching tools. 
– Al Raider, University of Maryland University College

This conference is great and very helpful for the new researcher.  It’s helpful for me to understand different circumstances. 
– Dedar Mahmud, Macquarie University

It provides an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues.  ...we had an opportunity to publish our work in the Journal of Advertising Education.  Keynote speakers provided interesting insights into best practices.  Colleagues and speakers spark ideas for research.  The DMA is the best part of the package because we become familiar with current practices.
– Juanita Roxas, Cal Poly Pomona

... seeing, hearing very “current” topic research, especially mobile/social...  Having good PhD students/candidates speak and be supported by their faculty.  Nice to see new faces/ideas.  Nice use of international professors.  Very good keynotes. 
– Elizabeth Stearns, University of Washington

Very practical updates in teaching and where the industry is.  Keeps me current with what I need to know and teach.  This was an excellent conference, especially for pedagogy and speakers from industry. 
– Jan Owens, Carthage College

Met interesting people [working in] interesting and diversified marketing applications.  Good mix of topics, I learned a lot. 
– Cliff Wymbs, Baruch College

Really valuable – great resource pool.  A lot of information that can be used in the classroom.  Helped with contact information for research methodologies.   – Debbora Whitson, Cal Poly Pomona

Awesome people, good research.  Worth it!  Honestly, I love the people who attend – they have respect and do great research.  I really like the crowd.  Thanks much! 
– Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Camaraderie.  Networking.  Great opportunity to renew friendships.  Great opportunity to learn new pedagogical methodologies.  Great speakers bringing industry reality.
– Harvey Markovitz, Pace University

Sessions I attended were very interactive, which is a testament to the high level of engagement of those attending.
– Charlotte Mason, University of Georgia

Information, information and connections.  It’s a great way to stay current with the discipline.  Great, friendly conference.  Constructive Q&As. 
– Matt Hettche, Christopher Newport University

[I enjoyed the chance] to learn / to share / to understand / to be active in the process of building this educator community.  It has been a very, very good opportunity to learn and share with...educators...People have been very professional in presenting.  I’d like to keep coming in the future… 
– Domingo Sanna, Austral University, Argentina

It has been a good experience for me.  I have had the opportunity to connect with colleagues and others … to enhance my point of view of direct and interactive marketing.
– Francisco-Javier Arroyo-Caňada, University of Barcelona

The Summit is a one-stop shop for research and teaching in the interactive marketing area and is well worth the time. 
– Debra Zahay-Blatz, Aurora University

[Marketing EDGE] has done a great job in the last years. More tracks were opened, more teachers attended, and the chairing of discussions has been diversified, inviting “new generations.”  Recognizing new, younger teachers is a welcome evolution... I personally found more relevant content than ever.
– Freddy Rosales, Universidad de CEMA

[An] added benefit is attendance at [the] DMA Conference to keep up with current developments – contacts helped me organize class visits on international field trips. 
– Dennis Sandler, Pace University

[The Summit enforces] the strong connection between academic and practitionerWhy should you attend?  To keep current with what can be done to enhance real-world relevance. 
– Lyle R. Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland

The conference is the best forum for learning about latest trends in digital and direct marketing as well as teaching.  The conference encourages sharing and development of real world case studies which are critical to preparing our students to hit the ground running. 
– David Marold, Eastern Michigan University

This is the rare conference dedicated to interactive marketing...  I really enjoyed the presentations.
– Michael Obal, Temple University


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