Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge

Judging is underway for the 2015-2016 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge.  
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   is the subject of the Challenge.  

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The Challenge: Your client, Facebook, requests an integrated marketing campaign that increases awareness and consideration of Custom Audiences among its target audience, B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing decision makers. 

Your Budget: $5 million.  Get the Details Here.

The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge provides hands-on learning and real-world experience, with a marketing assignment from a corporate leader. Get Started Here.

  • Students work in teams of 2-5 members to complete this assignment.
  • Faculty advisors use the Challenge as a teaching tool. Read more here.



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on the Challenge, the two most important items are the

Official Rules Booklet for the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge  which contain details about the Challenge,


Intent to Compete Form  which everyone (all faculty and every student participating) must complete!

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For those who participated in the 2014-2015 Challenge by DIRECTV - see the winners here and on Facebook.