I-MIX Summer Program

Your education will help you get the interview; I-MIX will help you get the job.

I-MIX is designed for college students who are considering a career in marketing. During the week-long intensive program, students are immersed in seminars focused on interactive marketing.  I-MIX is hosted by a leading company in the field and seminars are led by marketing executives and a prominent academic.  Presentations provide students with a deep understanding of both strategic concepts and practical application. After completing this program, students leave better prepared for internships and entry-level positions.

I think I-MIX is one of the most professional, innovative, hands-on porgrams based in direct/interactive marketing that I have attended.”
- E. Yiwei Zhu, Ithaca College
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For more information, contact Rachel Fontana at RFontana@marketingEDGE.org