Hal Brierley

Brierley & Partners

A pioneer in the development of customer loyalty programs, Hal Brierley founded Brierley & Partners in 1985 and has led the company through more than two decades of successful growth. Graduating Harvard Business School in 1968, he co-founded and served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Epsilon Data Management, one of the nation’s leading database marketing companies. In 1980, Hal was retained as the only outside consultant to work on the design of American Airlines AAdvantage®, the world’s first frequent-flyer program. In 1982, he became Vice President of Sales and Advertising for Pan American World Airways, where he launched WorldPass®, Pan Am’s frequent-traveler program. In 1983, he was named Senior Vice President of Marketing for Continental Airlines. Hal began his career in direct marketing more than 25 years ago and remains one of the most innovative and respected strategic thinkers in the field.

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