Leyda Hernandez

Leyda is the Director of Marketing at iSpot.tv, a real-time TV advertising analytics company that is bringing unprecedented tracking and performance measurement to paid television media. An experienced marketer and strategist, she has built, managed, and scaled effective marketing organizations in the enterprise technology and e-commerce space.
Leyda is also an adjunct faculty member at New York University where she teaches graduate courses in digital analytics, a digital marketing instructor at General Assembly Seattle, and a former adjunct faculty member at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
She speaks and writes on the topics of business and marketing growth strategies, operational scalability, and the social and digital evolution of technology and people. Leyda holds two Bachelors’ degrees from Florida State University and a Master’s from West Virginia University.
Connect with Leyda on LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn more about iSpot.tv’s real-time TV ad metrics, visit ispot.tv.
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