History of Marketing EDGE

Investing in the Future … The Story of Marketing EDGE

Throughout our history, Marketing EDGE has connected students, academics, career centers, corporations, and independent professionals to advance marketing best practices in college classrooms and to develop market-ready, new talent for businesses. 

Very briefly known as The Foundation for Education in Business Communications of the DMAA (Direct Mail Advertising Association), this nonprofit educational organization soon became known as the DMAA Educational Foundation, then the Direct Mail Educational Foundation, the Direct Mail/Marketing Educational Foundation and later still, the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. 

In June 2013, the time was right to take the leap and change our name to Marketing EDGE. One consistency has remained throughout our history:  our mission!  We remain committed to streaming market-ready talent into our ever-evolving field of marketing.  We achieve this by connecting with students, academics, career centers, corporations, independent professionals. 

This service is critical to marketing leaders of companies large and small.  Talk to them and you soon hear a common theme:  the challenge of finding skilled talent to meet the rapidly changing demands in today’s marketing world. 

Marketing EDGE continues to dedicate its efforts to those in the industry through its mission: 

To Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ college students in the field of marketing.

Established in 1966, Marketing EDGE is a 501(c)(3), non-profit educational organization solely supported by tax-deductible contributions.  It is the only national nonprofit organization solely committed to introducing – and in fact, engaging – professors and college students in the thriving business of marketing.  Our programs are designed to encourage participation by equipping professors with the most up-to-date educational resources, and preparing students for a successful career in this evolving field.


Bob Delay

Edward N. Mayer, Jr.