Letter from the 2016 Co-Chair

Christine Aguilera

Everyone I know who's been successful in business had someone along the way who helped them achieve their success.  Sometimes it was a little thing . . . a bit of advice, a few words of encouragement after a tough day or a quick conversation that sparked a new idea.  Oftentimes, however, someone made a tireless and meaningful commitment to us early in our careers that helped us get where we are today.  

I honor the many people who have helped me along the way . . . with the little things and the big things. In fact, one reason I got involved with Marketing EDGE was to “give back.”  Each year Marketing EDGE opens doors to thousands of students who are eager to join the marketing field.   Their enthusiasm for our industry is contagious and their passion is invigorating.  
This energy, in turn, fuels our passion.  It's my privilege to represent the more than 50 members of the Board of Trustees of Marketing EDGE.   During my term as Chair, Marketing EDGE will mark an important milestone: 50 years of opening doors to the marketing field and helping students realize their potential.  We've served a vital role in the industry, ensuring that thousands of young professionals entered the work force well prepared to make meaningful contributions to their employers and the field. 
Experts predict that during the next decade there will be hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions in the marketing field.  With this enormous talent shortage on the horizon, Marketing EDGE will continue to be not only relevant, but vital to the success of the industry over the next half century.   In the coming two years, we will be focused on two major objectives to ensure that our programs continue to inspire young people to crave the ongoing learning and education that’s critical for a career in the rapidly evolving world of marketing:  
To scale our programs and activities to meet the growing needs of our industry.  
To ensure that the financial resources of Marketing EDGE keep pace with the
     growing need for our services.  
Just as we’ve been helped, we’ll continue the legacy of Marketing EDGE to expand support to students in ways large and small.
Won't you join me in honoring those who have helped you along the way?  To get started:  I invite you to participate in a program, support an event or write us a check.  One or all of these little things add up to big accomplishments as we work together to ensure we have a vibrant talent pool to lead our businesses through the 21st century.  

With gratitude,

Christine Aguilera

Christine Aguilera
2016 Co-Chair, Marketing EDGE Board of Trustees


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