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Honoring a First—The Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University


IMC SRC Spiegel Research Center

Marketing EDGE will present its 2017 Education Award to the Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University to recognize its pioneering research on how customer brand engagement correlates with purchase behavior.

The Center works to fulfill the late Ted Spiegel’s vision to apply academic marketing research to solving business problems. Ted was a Professor Emeritus at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and a past Board member of Marketing EDGE.  

"We seek to contribute to moving marketing practice from faith to facts," says Tom Collinger, Executive Director of Spiegel Research Center. "It's not enough simply to trust that certain marketing practices lead to purchase and re-purchase behavior. Our applied research—for use by academics and practitioners—proves which types of customer engagement with the brand deliver financial impact."

Each year, our signature EDGE Awards event recognizes the contributions of marketing leaders and their commitment to ensuring the future of the industry. The 2017 EDGE Awards will take place on June 6th in New York City. To learn more, click here: