Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) today announced that Shyam Gopinath of Northwestern University is the winner of its 2010 Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Proposal Award.


Shyam Gopinath, (r) Northwestern University, accepts the Shankar-Spiegel Award from DMEF President Terri L. Bartlett (l).


This prestigious award, now in its third year, recognizes doctoral candidates from accredited programs, with the best dissertations in the area of direct/interactive marketing. The award was presented earlier this month during the DMEF Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit.

"Everything we do at DMEF is geared toward the next generation of leaders in this field and this award honoring outstanding research conducted by doctoral students is no exception!" said Terri L. Bartlett, DMEF President. "Mr. Gopinath is an example of how today's innovative thinkers are gravitating to what we believe is the most exciting field of the future, and how their research is significantly impacting the marketing challenges and opportunities facing businesses today and tomorrow.”

Gopinath’s $3,000 winning dissertation proposal titled An Extended Dynamic Hierarchical Model for the Content of Online Consumer Generated Media was chaired by Lakshman Krishnamurthi, the A. Montgomery Ward Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Northwestern University.

“Through the establishment of the Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Proposal Award we have helped lay the foundation for future academic research that will be translated into knowledge with immediate application for marketers,” said Marie Adolphe, DMEF Vice President of Program Development.

“Shyam Gopinath is an excellent researcher with a fine academic record,” said Northwestern University Professor Krishnamurthi. “His dissertation work on consumer generated media significantly adds, substantively and methodologically, to past academic research in this area by deepening our understanding of the content of consumer generated media. The Marketing Department of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is very proud of Shyam for being recognized with this prestigious award by the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation.”

About The Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Award

The Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Award competition, established in 2007, recognizes the best dissertation proposal in direct/interactive marketing. The annual competition is named in honor of DMEF Outstanding Educator Award recipient Venkatesh “Venky” Shankar, Ph.D., who is the Coleman Chair Professor in Marketing at Texas A&M University, and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Hall of Fame Award recipient Edward J. “Ted” Spiegel, president and founder of Spiegel Marketing Associates. Doctoral students in marketing, computer science, economics, management science, organizational psychology, statistics, advertising and communications, strategy, management and organization, and information systems, and other relevant disciplines whose developments help advance the understanding of direct/interactive marketing, are encouraged to apply.

About Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF)

Headquartered in New York City, the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) works to attract, educate, and place top college students in the business of direct/interactive marketing and, thereby, expanding and enriching the talent pool of trained, market-ready direct marketers. Established in 1966 by members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) who wanted to give something back to the community, DMEF is today a separate, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that is supported solely by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, companies, and regional clubs and associations. Funds raised go toward a broad range of world-class educational programs.

Since its founding, thousands of students have taken advantage of DMEF’s educational programs, entering the field with the competitive edge of being “workplace-ready.” Many have gone on to become today’s direct marketing leaders, an indication of the Foundation’s success. In addition, more than 1,800 professors have participated in DMEF programs. Thanks in significant part to the Foundation’s four decades of work, today approximately 255 colleges and universities offer courses in direct/interactive marketing, 31 of which now offer specific direct marketing degrees and certificate programs. For additional information about the DMEF, its mission, and its programs, visit

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Sue R.E. Geramian

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