Monday, June 13, 2011

Honoring Dick Montesi’s 20-Year Legacy

New York, NY — The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) was saddened to learn of the death of Richard “Dick” Montesi, the former president of DMEF. Montesi died peacefully at his home in New Canaan, Connecticut on Sunday, June 12. Paying tribute to his passion and commitment to education and the field of direct marketing, DMEF has created the Montesi Scholarship Fund.


Montesi began his career as a teacher in New York and Connecticut schools. During his academic career, he earned a doctorate degree, and attained the position of superintendent of the Pocantico Hills School District in New York.

In 1980, Montesi made the transition to the business world, serving as president of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. He also earned the title of senior vice president of education at the Direct Marketing Association.


During Montesi’s 20-year career at DMEF, his planning and hands-on efforts resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for needy and motivated high school and college students, as well as funds to introduce programs to ensure the future of the direct marketing field. He and his staff engaged students and professors from hundreds of colleges and universities, which included the full spectrum of schools — from state schools to the Ivy League. His success is core to the success of the DMEF today.

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Sue R.E. Geramian