Wednesday, August 9, 2017

—International Challenge Provided by Collette, an International Guided Travel Company—

NEW YORK – Marketing EDGE, a national education nonprofit committed to shaping the marketing industry as diverse, inclusive, and highly skilled, today announced the winners of its 2016-2017 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge.  The content of this competition for college students worldwide was provided by Collette, an international guided travel company.  Altogether, six student teams – three from undergraduate programs and three from graduate programs – were honored for undertaking research to determine the likes, dislikes and desires of Baby Boomers (fall semester teams) and Generation Xers (spring semester teams).

Among the undergraduate teams, Marketing EDGE awarded a total of $3,500 to students at Temple University and Eastern Michigan University; the former sweeping both first and second place, the latter, third place. For the first time in the history of the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge an international team took first place among graduate teams, reflecting the international nature of the sponsor and of the Challenge itself.  A total of $3,500 was awarded to graduate students at first-place Dublin City University (Ireland), second-place East Carolina University, and third-place California State University – East Bay.

Conducted since 1986, the Marketing EDGE Collegiate ECHO Challenge provides college students with a real-world marketing project by challenging them to create and pitch a marketing campaign to a leading brand.  This year’s teams worked with a theoretical budget of $5 million.  Final judging for both semesters’ entries took place in the spring.

“Joining a prestigious roster of admired companies, Collette partnered with Marketing EDGE to provide this year’s Challenge, thus contributing to the career aspirations of hundreds of students.” said Marketing EDGE President Terri L. Bartlett. “Our Collegiate ECHO program encourages young minds to apply best practices in marketing to speak to and engage an audience – in this case, their parents’ generation.  This experience contributes to their becoming what we call ‘market ready’ as they prepare to launch their marketing careers. Providing the experience of a marketing project from a client such as Collette is just one of the ways that Marketing EDGE partners with businesses to educate and develop the next generation of marketing leaders.”

“Collette was honored to sponsor the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge for Marketing EDGE," Robert Bergdoll, director, database marketing and customer intelligence at Collette said.  “We have had a great partnership with Marketing EDGE over the last year, and this project created a lot of excitement across the marketing and product teams at Collette. We were very impressed with the entries we reviewed, and there are some great ideas we are considering to assist in the evolution of our product and marketing plans.

“We are always innovating and focus on customer centricity, so we appreciate all of the solid research and integrated marketing plans that were submitted,” he added.  “There is a great group of future marketers transitioning into the workforce now, and we are looking forward to working with the next generation.  Collette wants to thank all students who participated.”

The winners of the 2017 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge are:


Gold: Temple University
Team Members: Ioanna Dinoulis, Allison Doumith, Robin Goffman, Jonathan Neikam, Toni Sichel
Faculty Advisor: Alison Ebbecke (preceded by Chuck McLeester)

Silver: Temple University
Team Members: Claudette Arter, Alicia Cassey, Zoe Rasmussen, Hiro Soga, Kalista Wedman
Faculty Advisor: Chuck McLeester

Bronze:  Eastern Michigan University
Team Members: Amanda Derengowski, Anthony Nucullaj, Avneet Singh, Megan Spencer, Meagan Welsh
Faculty Advisor: David Marold


Gold: Dublin City University
Team Members: Conor Beglan, Claire Crumlish, Alison Morgan, Michael O'Dwyer, Niamh O'Shea
Faculty Advisor: Laura Berry

Silver:  East Carolina University
Team Members: Alison Ewen, Kelsey Hemstock, Lia McManaman, Jennifer Meyers, Regan Sigler
Faculty Advisor: Tracy Tuten

Bronze:  California State University – East Bay
Team Members: Vidya Aravind, Brian Kramer, Sathish Duraivelu
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Legocki

“Having participated in many pitches as part of an agency account team, I know all too well the colossal effort that goes into winning a client’s business,” said Professor Alison Ebbecke, faculty advisor to Temple University’s gold-winning team. “The caliber of work that both [the gold- and silver-winning] teams delivered is testament to the hours they invested in the challenge. These rising stars have a passion for marketing and an unrivaled commitment to delivering a professional-grade product. On behalf of the entire Department of Advertising, it is our honor to have Temple University represented by two groups of students who possess so much talent and dedication to their craft.”

"I was very impressed by the dedication, thoroughness and innovative work of my students, the winning postgraduate team from DCU, said Laura Berry, lecturer, digital marketing, program chair for the MSc in Digital Marketing and faculty advisor to the gold-winning graduate team at Dublin City University. “The students excelled as a team, and this competition allowed them to stretch themselves in ways they had not done before. I know they are very grateful for having had this opportunity, and now it is time to reap the rewards of their hard work and to enjoy their well deserved success."

Over its 32-year history, Collegiate ECHO sponsors have included such prestigious companies as Facebook, DIRECTV, Domino’s Pizza, dELiA*s, and Microsoft Bing.

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