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-Leading marketing and information services investor John Civantos
and global corporate leader IBM to be recognized for their respective roles in marketing-
NEW YORK – The EDGE Awards ensemble is now complete with the addition of two new categories  and two new honorees who will receive recognition.  Marketing EDGE, a national marketing education nonprofit, announces two new EDGE Awards and their recipients:


  • Financial Innovator Award: John Civantos, managing partner of Court Square Capital Partners, will receive this inaugural award for his leadership, unique sourcing model and track record of driving significant growth among investments in the general business services sector, with a specific focus on marketing and information services.
  • Corporate Heritage Award: IBM will receive Marketing EDGE’s first “Corporate Heritage Award” for its long-term commitment to innovation, marketing excellence and leadership, while evolving from a computer hardware maker to a systems, services, and software company focused on integrated solutions.
Now in its second year, Marketing EDGE’s annual fundraising event, the EDGE Awards, pays tribute to the vibrancy and evolution that is occurring in today’s dynamic marketing field. With these two new awards completing this year’s slate of honorees, a collection of six award categories are designed to showcase the scope and breadth of leaders throughout the field.
The EDGE Awards will take place on June 6th at the PlayStation® Theater in New York City from 6-10pm EDT (1515 Broadway at West 44th Street, in Times Square). Registration for the event is available here. [Editor’s Note: Editorial members of media who wish to receive a press registration for the event may contact Chet Dalzell at]
“With the addition of these two awards, we are thrilled to present a powerful microcosm of the ever-changing, dynamic make-up of the marketing field, and we couldn’t be more proud to pay tribute to these two honorees, John Civantos and IBM,” said Marketing EDGE President Terri L. Bartlett. “With more than 450 leaders expected at the event, alongside 80 exceptional college students who are attending our 2017 Collegiate Summit, what better way to celebrate excellence and innovative leadership in marketing.”
"Marketing and information services have attracted smart capital – and smarter minds – because a new age of relevance between consumers and brands has evolved,” Civantos said. “The dynamics of ad tech and mar tech in particular have brought the best and brightest to the field, revolutionizing how people buy and brands sell, and the interaction between the two. That’s why education and Marketing EDGE matter so greatly. Innovation drives this field, and I’m humbled to be recognized for a role on the edge of where marketing is headed.”
“IBM’s core has always been technology and innovation – but it is people, bringing in new energy and new ideas, who are the power that makes business and marketing success happen,” said Buell Duncan, vice president, portfolio marketing, IBM. “Cognitive thinking requires strong support for education, training and mentorship – qualities that are inherently part of our brand and part of our day-to-day business. We’ve long supported Marketing EDGE’s role, too, in its mission to attract the best college students to the marketing field, where they can immediately make contributions that are transforming business today. We are thrilled to accept the Corporate Heritage Award honor from Marketing EDGE!”

Both Civantos and IBM were selected by a panel of Marketing EDGE Board of Trustees members according to the following criteria:

  • The Financial Innovator Award recognizes the individual(s) who brings a combination of capital markets expertise and strategic vision and oversight to significantly expand and impact businesses in the marketing industry.
  • The EDGE Awards’ Corporate Heritage Award honors and recognizes corporations and organizations who have pioneered, inspired, and sustained excellence and leadership in the marketing industry.
The Financial Innovator and the Corporate Heritage Awards will be presented during the EDGE Awards event alongside the following previously announced EDGE Award honorees:
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Harold (Hal) M. Brierley;
  • Corporate Disruptor Award: Sprinklr;
  • Education Award: Medill IMC Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center, Northwestern University; and
  • Rising Stars Honorees:
        - Noman Ali, President, Strategic Growth, Research Now;
        - Christina Dalton, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, PubWorx;
        - Nick Dujnic, Senior Director, Marketing, Live Intent;
        - Connor Lemenze, Sales Director, Persado;
        - Matthew Smith, Global Marketing Lead, Uber Everything at Uber
        - Becky Wald Thomas, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Comcast
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