Jamie Feinberg

Development Assistant

Jamie Feinberg is the Development Assistant for Marketing EDGE. Prior to working remotely as a virtual assistant, Jamie spent more than ten years working in office and arts administration for small nonprofit organizations and businesses. In 2016 she hit the road, traveling the U.S. in an RV with her husband, during which time she’s built an online business as a virtual assistant, assisting with writing and editing, email and social media marketing management, website development, scheduling, and other administrative work. She is a founding member of the Association of Virtual Assistants.

Jamie is a performing artist and educator who founded a theater company in 2010 and continues to perform and teach with her husband, Ross Malcolm Boyd, while traveling the country with their cat. She enjoys dancing, yoga, the outdoors and blogging about her travels and her adventures finding delicious homemade ice cream.


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Senior Program Manager

Jamie Feinberg

Development Assistant

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CEO & President

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Executive Assistant

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Senior Director, Finance and Operations

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