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Saturday, October 15  

11:30-12:15 P.M.
Meet the Editors Lunch

Teaching & Learning with Interactive Marketing

The Effectiveness of Design Thinking Approach in Teaching and Learning Innovation Skills
– Joanna Lee, California State University, East Bay
– Eunice Lee, Hayward Adult School

The Pedagogical Value of Branded Digital Training and Certification Programs for Digital Marketing Courses
– Tracy Tuten, East Carolina University
– Lisa Spiller, Christopher Newport University

Training Students to be Job Ready through a Supervised Theory-to-Practice Practicum
– Harvey Markovitz, Deborah Fain, Dennis Sandler, Nicholas James Poulimas, Pace University

Building a Case for Active Learning: The Use of Lecture Versus Other Classroom Activities at LMBC
– Jon Werner, Carol Scovotti, James Bronson, Richard Cummings, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Session Chair:  Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

12:15-1:45 p.m.

Geolocation/Location-Based Services: Where, When & How

An Empirical Study of Location-Based Consumer Profiles
– Catherine Atwong, California State University, Fullerto

Cyberhood vs. Neighborhood: How Geographic Proximity Affects Consumer Trust of Online Reviews [Title Page]
– Kristen Schiele, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
– Brian Baldus, California State University, Sacramento

Session Chair: Sy Banerjee, University of Michigan Flint
Social Media Geoforensics: Implications for Marketers
– Sy Banerjee, University of Michigan Flint
– Fareena Sultan, Northeastern University

Session Chair: Sy Banerjee, University of Michigan Flint

Digital & Mobile Contexts in Motion

How Do in-Store Consumers Respond to Mobile Promotions?
– Xin Liu, Jing Hu, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Asymmetrical Relationships in Online Payment Solutions
– Anita Radon, Håkan Alm, Malin Sundström, University of Borås

Can Online Interactive Learning Tool Promote Student Learning Effectiveness? An Empirical Exploration
– Qin Sun, Trident University International
– Yann Abdourazakou, Thomas J. Norman, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Understanding Customer Indifference Towards Mobile Apps
– Sunil Mathew, Jaydeep Mukherjee, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Session Chair: Nadia Pomirleanu, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Macro Issues in the Digital Environment

Congruence Between Marketing and Purchase Channels: An Empirical Study of its Impact on Revenue and Customer Lifetime Value
– Morris George, Baylor University

The Adoption of High-Impact Practices and Their Impact on All Participating Parties
– Debbora Whitson, Frank Bryant, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Digital Advertising Marketplace: A Comparative Study of Emerging Policy and Regulatory Issues
– Kenneth C.C. Yang, University of Texas at El Paso
– Yowei Kang, Kainan University

Strategic Partnerships Between Universities to Meet Evolving Marketplace Demands
– Michael Clayton, American University
– Matthew Hettche, Christopher Newport University

Session Chair: Matthew Hettche, Christopher Newport University

2:00-3:30 P.M.

Social Media and Branding

Using Text Mining and Machine Learning to Explore Online Review Data – An Empirical Study on Yelp Dataset
-Xi ‘Alan’ Zhang, Euisung Jung, Phuoc Pham, University of Toledo

This is OUTRAGEOUS!: Understanding Consumer Anger and Brand Reputation on Social Media
– Kimberly Legocki, Grenoble Ecole de Management
– Kristen Walker, California State University, Northridge

Can Brand Affairs Result in Commitment? Evaluating the Impact of Strategic Partnerships on Reward Program Member Loyalty
– Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada Las Vegas
– Orie Berezan, California State University Dominguez Hills
– Michelle Yoo, California State Polytechnic University

Using Social Data to Understand Brand Development
– Kamer Yuksel, Sergio Biggemann, University of Otago
– Amit P. Sheth, Jeremy Brunn, Wright State University

Session Chair: Anyuan “Daniel” Shen, SUNY at New Paltz

Social Media Influences on Consumers

Social Noise or Social Signaling? Examining Consumer Perceptions of Organization’s Display of Social Media Icons
– Kristin Stewart, Rebeca Perren, California State University San Marcos

Friends Matter: Will Your Friends Affect How You Use Facebook as an Online Shopping Platform?
– Min Chung Han, Kean University
– Youjeong Kim, New York Institute of Technology

Teaching Students to Use Social Media for Personal Branding and Job Search
– Denny McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado

What Concerns You the Most on Social Networking Sites (SNSs), Your Posting or Others’? A Study on the Interplay among the Type of Posting, Information Type, and Privacy Concerns on SNSs
– Yeuseung Kim, DePaul University
– Yongick Jeong, Louisiana State University

Session Chair: Yeuseung Kim, DePaul University

3:45-5:30 Pm Special Topic Panels
Virtuality in Marketing: Changing The Consumer Experience Through Augmented, Virtual, and Holographic Realities


Ben Conway, COO, Cp-founder, VNTANA holographic technology
David Pritchard, Co-Founder, COO, SilVR Thread
Spencer Ross, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Moderator: Kristen Walker, California State University, Northridge

Perspectives From Robert B. Clarke Outstanding Educators


Peter Fader, The Wharton School (awarded in 2007)
Susan Jones, Ferris State University (awarded in 1997)
J. Steven Kelly, DePaul University (awarded in 1996)
Denny McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado (awarded in 1992)
George Milne, University of Massachusetts Amherst (awarded in 2012)
Jack Schibrowsky, University of Nevada Las Vegas (awarded in 2009)
Russ Winer, New York University (awarded in 2003)
Moderator: Lisa D. Spiller, Christopher Newport University (awarded in 2005)

5:30-6:30 P.M.

Sunday, October 16

Putting Data Analytics to Use

The Marketing Analytics Orientation of Firms: Identification of Factors That Create Highly Analytical Marketing Practices [PowerPoint-pdf file]
– Anthony Branda, Vishal Lala, Pace University

Teaching R to Undergraduate Marketing Students
– Dae-Hee Kim, Christopher Newport University

Modeling the Effects of Dynamic Group Influence on Shopper Preference and Purchase Behavior
– Xiaoling Zhang, Nanyang Technological University
– Shibo Li, Raymond R. Burke, Indiana University

Big Data: Diving in or Drowning Beneath? Perspectives and Insights from Marketing Managers
– Devon Johnson, Montclair State University
– Debika Sihi, Southwestern University
– Laurent Muzellec, University College Dublin

Session Chair: Devon Johnson, Montclair State University

9:00-10:15 a.m.

Digital Contexts and Content

Review Richness: How Online Information Content Drives Persuasion
-Yiru Wang, César Zamudio, Kent State University

The (Not So) Secret Life of Lurkers: Contextualizing Consumer Data to Provide Insights for Content Marketing
– Tony Stovall, Wendy Bendoni, Woodbury University

Free-to-Paid Transition of Online Content Providers: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Newspapers’ Paywall Rollout
– Ho Kim, University of Missouri St. Louis
– Reo Song, California State University, Long Beach
– Youngsoo Kim, Singapore Management University

Website Creation for Personal Branding and Skill-Building in the Digital Marketing Classroom
– Debra Zahay-Blatz, St. Edwards University
– Janna Parker, James Madison University

Session Chair: Debra Zahay-Blatz, St. Edwards University

Innovative Interactivity: Understanding Function and Context

Why Videos Go Viral: A Content Analysis of Videos
-Elif Ozkaya, Florida International University
– Hayri E. Ozkaya, Debborah Whitson, Frank Bryant, Juanita Roxas, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

A Content Analysis of How to Create the Perfect Viral Video
– Jennifer Dapko, Ryan Buckley, Alexandra McVetty, Joseph Alter, Florida Southern College

The Effects of Augmented Reality in Marketing on Attention and Recall: An Exploratory Study with Eye-Tracking Approach
– Adriana Boveda-Lambie, Alan J. Lambie, Rochester Institute of Technology

Does a Hologram Give an Encore? Virtual Experiential Consumption in the Context of a Human Reality
Spencer Ross, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago

Session Chair: Spencer Ross, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Influences(ers) on Social Media

Not Just ‘One and Done’: Toward an Understanding of the Online Complaining Phenomenon
– Todd Bacile, Loyola University New Orleans
– Alexa Fox, Ohio University
– Jeremy Wolter, Auburn University
– Felipe Massa, Loyola University New Orleans
– Emily Treen, Simon Fraser University

I Share Because I Care – Antecedents and Consequences of Sharing Negative eWOM
– Sarah Zaraket, Université Paris Panthéon Sorbonne
– Régine Vanheems, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Not All Comments Are Created Equal: The Impact of Business Managers’ Response to Negative Online Reviews
– Yuying Shi, Texas A&M University
– Nancy Guo, CUNY, College of Staten Island
– Stephen France, Mississippi State University

Unfriend Me Please: An Examination of Social Media Fatigue and Its Antecedents
– Kelty Logan, University of Colorado Boulder
– Laura Bright, Stacy Grau, Texas Christian University

The More Others Care, the More You Share? – Social Contagion as a Stardom Trigger of Social Media Superstars
– Christopher Hudyma, Stephen Nuesch, University of Muenster

Session Chair: Jan Owens, Carthage College

10:30-11:45 a.m.

Consumer Empowerment and Technology

What Motivates Participation in the Sharing Economy as Providers?
– Neil Granitz, Mohammad Reza Habibi, California State University, Fullerton
– Alexander Davidson, Concordia University

The Impact of Technology-Based Shopper Empowerment on Retail Repatronage Intentions
– Brian Spaid, Terence Ow, Marquette University

How Customer Satisfaction Affects Loyalty: Insights from Nonlinear Hierarchical Bayes Modeling of Customer Satisfaction Index
– Xing Aijing, Nobuhiko Terui, Tohoku University
– P.K. Kannan, University of Maryland

Session Chair: Jagdip Singh, Case Western Reserve

Culture Issues in the Digital Age

Digital Marketing and the Overlooked Hispanic 50+ Demographic
– Mine Ucok Hughes, Tony Stovall, Woodbury University
– Rafael Cardona, Glendale Community College

Gender and Race in Facebook Coverage of the 2012 London Olympics
– Adam Peruta, Syracuse University
– James Rada, Ithaca College

Lack of Theoretical Foundations in UGC Tourism Studies? An Investigation of the Extent of this Issue
– Emilie Bourdages, UQAM School of Management

When Marketing Strategy Meets Culture: The Role of Culture in Product Evaluations
– Reo Song, California State University, Long Beach
– Sangkil Moon, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
– Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Texas A&M University

Session Chair: Ereni Markos, Suffolk University

11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
Awards Luncheon and Keynote

Get It Right: Where Customer Expectations And Experience Execution Converge [pptx]
Eric Feinberg, Vp Marketing, Foresee


1:30-1:45 p.m.
Closing Plenary Session

Summit Proceedings 2015

Direct/interactive marketing research summit proceedings 2015

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