Get it Right: Where Customer Expectations and Experience Execution Converge

Eric Feinberg, VP Marketing, Foresee

It’s time for businesses to stop talking omnichannel while acting single channel. The modern consumer expects and demands seamlessly integrated experiences that allow them to engage where, when and how they want. You will hear groundbreaking research from the ForeSee Experience Index, a comprehensive 11-year longitudinal customer experience study of 40,000+ shoppers that depicts the changing retail landscape. We’ll also share tactical and strategic insights generated from ForeSee’s cross-industry treasure trove of 175,000,000 completed surveys collected from mobile, web, contact center, and store customer experiences.

What does it take to deliver a savory experience to the discerning modern consumer? Having a stellar mobile experience is at the center of that success. It’s no longer enough to just have a great mobile app or a site that renders on a mobile device. If they can’t get what they want with a mobile particular experience, they’ll find one that does. A beautiful experience is when: Form and function work in harmony with design distilled from purpose. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s essential to see the customer experience as consumers see it. This keynote presentation features the elusive consumer and helps us all to discover how we can dazzle them to drive business success.

Eric Feinberg, VP Marketing, Foresee

As VP, Marketing at ForeSee, Eric works with product, delivery, sales and marketing teams to ensure Answers brings innovation and operational excellence to its offerings. Since joining ForeSee in 2004, he has contributed to the organization’s strategic growth, particularly providing leadership around mobile solutions. Eric is an elected board member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and an adjunct professor of mobile marketing at the University of California, Irvine Extension. Previously, he worked as a web analyst, multichannel strategy consultant, usability specialist and focus group moderator. Eric is a graduate of the University of Michigan.