Robert Kestnbaum Bio

Robert D. Kestnbaum retired in June 2001 as president of Kestnbaum Consulting, a unit of KnowledgeBase Marketing / Wunderman / Young & Rubicam. Kestnbaum Consulting was a Chicago based management consulting group founded in 1967. The firm was noted for its ability to develop important, far reaching strategies for consumer and business-to-business database/interactive marketers through intensive and imaginative analysis of customer data.

As a consultant and in his prior associations as co-founder of the Robert Maxwell Company, Mr. Kestnbaum guided many of the landmark developments in the field of direct/interactive during his tenure in the original direct marketing division of Bell & Howell Company, and later as Direct Marketing Manager of Montgomery Ward & Company. He and his firm led or popularized the development and application of several important concepts and methodologies. Mr. Kestnbaum was a recognized authority on business strategy, long range planning, analytical concepts, and creation of new marketing initiatives. He was a respected leader in the development of the science of database/interactive marketing and the creative application of analysis.

His expertise was recognized through his frequent speaking engagements at universities, direct marketing and other conferences and seminars as well as through his authorship of chapters in several major books and numerous articles in the field. In 1988 he was the recipient of the Charles S. Downs Direct Marketer of the Year Award, given by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing in recognition of his contributions to direct marketing and to the Chicago community. In 1997 Mr. Kestnbaum received the Edward N. Mayer, Jr. Award in recognition of his educational contributions and leadership in activities of Marketing EDGE; in 2002 he was elected to the Data & Marketing Association Hall of Fame.

Mr. Kestnbaum served on the Data & Marketing Association Board of Directors from 1994 to 2000 and on its Executive Committee for three years. He served as an officer and board member of many social welfare, religious, and educational organizations and held B.A. degrees from both the University of Chicago and Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Robert D. Kestnbaum (1932 – 2002)

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