Keynote: Ilona van Wegen

Data Driven Transformation
Ilona van Wegen, Google    
The consumer is becoming increasingly curious, demanding and impatient: The new watchword for customer service - “assistance” - is also becoming the new battleground for growth. How does a company transform to become an assistive company?  For retailers, adapting to this new reality is the New Retail. 

In this session, we discussed the importance of connecting all the data points about a user in order to personalize service and truly put the user first.  In addition, it is clear that leveraging technology to enhance both the in-store and the online experience of the user, as well as the delivery of the products play key roles.  Integrating service by truly interconnecting online and offline is critical.  Moreover, brands need to show up and own the relationship with their customer.  As customers look to them, brands indeed are showing up by forming digital co-op strategies.  Brands not only need to make sure they’re on the top shelf in the supermarket, but also online!  

Recognizing the importance of owning the relationship with the customer, brands must increasingly rely not only on retailers, but on selling directly.  The brand itself is fast becoming the go-to place when people have questions about something that the product makes possible.

Ilona van Wegen is an energetic and driven personality who is able to combine leadership and pragmatism in her daily job. As a marketeer for Heineken she learned how brands always should innovate themselves to remain relevant and impactful. To get a closer look on what entrepreneurship meant, she stepped over to a venture capitalist, helping early stage companies in their journeys to grow their business. Today at Google, she is managing a team of professionals in digital marketing. In a world where consumers are more empowered than ever before, she supports leading brands in the retail and consumer product industries to grow and transform their businesses through a data-driven approach.