Collegiate ECHO Judges’ Brief (3 sections)

0. Judges Brief Video Link [click here]. Password is ECHOJUDGE 
and note, to skip over the conference call attendee introductions, jump to 13:00 (13 minutes) to continue the brief.

0.1  Revised PowerPoint [pptx-click here] slide deck from above.


1. The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge by



Fossil is an American watch and lifestyle company, creatively rooted in authentic vintage and classic design. We strive to create high-quality watches, smartwatches, bags and more that preserve the best of the past while updating it for today. When the clean lines of the mid-century meet the modern looks of today, the result is key items that represent the best of what we stand for: traditional watches created in fresh hues and materials, bags that pair portability with streamlined design, and timeless accessories that accompany you wherever you are traveling.

Fossil Q Smartwatches: We may love all things vintage, but that doesn’t mean we can't (enthusiastically) embrace new technology, too. Meet Fossil Q, our collection of wearable technology. We think of Fossil Q as a meeting of the minds—the fashion-forward mind, the tech-loving mind and the fitness-loving mind.

Hybrid Smartwatches: Looks like a watch, acts like a smartwatch. Never needs charging, a battery powers Fossil hybrids so you’ll always be in charge and stay connected. Our hybrid smartwatches connect seamlessly to your phone. The watches include functionality such as email/call/text notifications, activity/steps/sleep tracking, automatic time zone update, and personalized goal/function settings.

Touchscreen Smartwatches: Smartwatches with touchscreen functionality and classic good looks. Our touchscreen smartwatches connect seamlessly to your phone. The tech-savvy smartwatch with touchscreen functionality includes automatic activity/steps/sleep tracking, userfriendly messaging and notifications, customizable watch faces, and the all-new Android Wear™ 2.0's interactive dials (for information at a glance). Both iOS and Android users can now benefit from third-party standalone apps with enhanced functionality.


Create an integrated omni-channel marketing campaign to drive Fossil Q Smartwatches sales using all Fossil marketing channels including our website, retail stores, social media platforms, as well as a paid media strategy. A well designed campaign should increase awareness, drive traffic and sales for this target audience. Be creative!

Retail companies around the world are seeing declines in traffic and sales as consumers shift their shopping patterns, and show a preference for experiences over spending. Now is the time for brands to be creative, nimble, and clever to combat a challenging marketplace.

Target Audience: Men/Women – 18 to 35 years old Campaign Requirements:

Submissions should include the following: market research/industry trends, marketing strategy, media plan, creative strategy, budget allocation for each media campaign metric / return on investment projections

Budget: The proposal should be based on a budget of $5,000,000 with US national reach.

Campaign Length: Teams are asked tp assume the campaign takes place in the second half of 2018 (July to December). It should cover a Fall campaign (July 1-September 30) with the objective to increase Fossil Q Smartwatches intent/awareness 2 and a Holiday campaign (October 1-December 31) with a focus on sales as well as a 50/50 product split between Hybrid Smartwatches and Touchscreen Smartwatches. The Fall and Holiday campaigns can run at different times during these periods as teams see fit. (The campaigns are not required to be “on” all the time.) The best practice is to have an awareness campaign during Fall and a sales-focused campaign during Holiday with heavier weight from Black Friday to Christmas.  

Deliverables:  If any deliverable is missing, the entry is ineligible for judging; Marketing EDGE staff has screened the entries to make sure all elements are present.  For clarification, altogether there should be seven separate files submitted. Some teams did combine files; we will not penalize them for doing so, as they take instructions from their faculty advisors:

  1. Executive Summary (the one sheet summary + 10-page brief for executives - although these can be submitted as separate files)
  2. Strategic Summary Chart
  3. Appendix
  4. Video Advertisement to Consumers (note the time limit stated in the Client Brief/Rules)
  5. Visual Summary
  6. Optional items: a file containing any message students need to communicate to the judges. For example - "our PowerPoint is narrated; please listen to our narration," a cover letter, etc. (However, any explanation / rationale / justification / references about the project, its media plan, budget / ROI calculations, etc. need to be included as part of the Executive Summary and/or Appendices and/or Visual Summary as appropriate.)

2. Judging the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge



We are evaluating the following required deliverables using the scoresheet at this link which is the form each judge will see on  (Feel free to print the scoresheet or bookmark the web page for your reference.)  The deliverables are:

1) Executive Summary and Proposal in writing with visual support (elements 1-3 below are separate documents,each with their own page count):

1. Executive Summary (1 page)

2. Written Proposal - no more than 10 pages, excluding appendices (If it runs slightly over, we allow it.)

2) Strategic Summary Chart, up to three (3) pages, a two-column document listing key marketing research conclusions in the 1st column and corresponding proposed strategies in the 2nd column.  When done well, the campaign follows, both the research conclusions and the campaign recommendations are sound, and the campaign follows through on what is presented here.

3) Appendices (max. 20 pages) are backup for the proposal, including research documentation, a detailed budget allocated by media and tactics with forecasted results, as well as references and citations.

4) Visual Summary in a PowerPoint (20 slide maximum) or a 3–minute video summary.  If students note their slides are narrated, please download the slides so the narration  plays on your equipment.  Some teams opt for this in lieu of a video, or live agency pitch.

We are not evaluating the Team Photo or Team Name (however - if a team name is inappropriate feel free to include a comment on it).

Further details can be found at the "Client Brief / Official Rules" link at,

Challenge FAQs - see the FAQs page - PLEASE NOTE:

  • We won't penalize teams if they don't feature Fossil watches in their presentation, commercial, etc. - they were not required to purchase them.  Props representing Fossil watches are OK.  The main thing to look for is how well the ideas are presented and conveyed. 
  • And again, if students note their slides are narrated, please download the slides and turn up the volume so they play on your equipment.

PLEASE COMMENT - Separate Your Comments in Terms of Strengths and Areas for Improvement

We request each judge to provide constructive comments. They are essential for faculty advisors teaching the students,  These mandatory comment fields are separated in terms of

    • Strengths and
    • Areas for Improvement. (Mandatory fields.)
  • To provide comments on particular judging areas, please save them for the Additional Comments (optional field) at the end.
  • A couple of paragraphs of constructive commentary is better than a few bullets, but we don't want to slow you down.  Comment as you see fit (but with more than a few bullet points).
  • Avoid comments like "best I've seen so far" - it may be the best you've seen, but campaigns you might not have seen may win while yours does not... so if you can phrase that sentiment differently it will be appreciated. (e.g., well done, well executed, excellent job on xxxx, etc.)



ENTRIES: When you log into your account, you will see a list of entries for your review.  Click an entry number (e.g. 1419 or 1418 below), it opens the entry to display in Submittable. 


 If a submissions list is not displayed in your view, click the dropdown next to your name in the upper right of the screen, and click "Team Accounts | Marketing EDGE."  

Name List

Next, scroll past the student questionnaire headers on the left side, and at the bottom of the left side, you'll see the students' submitted files for review. Click an entry number in the Submission column to open the entry and the review form.  You will see something like:

Entry display       

When you click a file name, it will open in the Submittable platform so you can read (or watch) and evaluate the entry.  The exception to this is narrated slides (which display but don't play the audio.  These must be downloaded so the narration will play on your system.) Aside from this exception, you can display and review the entry on Submittable or download the files to see them on your own equipment.  When any file such as a video doesn’t open in Submittable, downloading is advised.  Scroll up and down.  To advance to the next file, toward the middle of the display along the right and left edges, there are arrows that advance to the next or previous file.

  Display of Entry

Scoresheet.  The scoresheet appears to the right of the entry.  (Or there will be a button in the upper right of the screen linking to the
"reviewing" scoresheet).  There are areas for numerical ratings, and comment areas are below the ratings.  Comments can be typed directly, or copy-and-pasted from another document.  You can expand a comment box by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the box.  See the red circle below to see the lower right corner draggable widget.

Entry comment boxes

At the end of the competition, we will provide Collegiate ECHO faculty advisors with the comments (anonymously).  Faculty may share the comments with their students, use them to inform their teaching, or both.

Ignore the Tags and Status  


  • Ignore the status tags ("in progress," "spring," etc.) - they don't change when you complete your judging submission.


  • Pace yourself.  Divide the number of submissions you have by the number of days you're available and set aside time accordingly.
    • It takes about 30 minutes to review and score an entry.  If you’re new or if an entry is particularly "dense," it can take longer. 
  • Save Finalize Review vs. Save Draft (above): When scoring – you can either “save draft” (and come back later to edit or complete) or “finalize and submit.”  Try saving the first 2-3 reviews without finalizing and submitting so you can come back to them.  Once you’ve seen a few entries, you might have second thoughts about your first score – and you can edit it before finalizing.  Only when you click "finalize" can Marketing EDGE see your review... but at this point, you can't edit it. However, if you’ve finalized and submitted a review, and want to edit it further, feel free to contact Jeff Nesler.
  • You also can download your review so you have a record. See the downward pointing arrow with the small rectangular box above.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Jeff Nesler and for technical or log-in issues contact Submittable at and cc so we're aware of any situation.