Collegiate ECHO Creative Strategy

Theoretical Foundations

  • There should be a clear link between what was learned from the research to the recommended strategies and tactics—especially in the formulation of the campaign’s offers and creative execution. 
  • The creation of compelling offers or value propositions are critical to successful creative strategies.
  • The campaign’s big idea should stem from the benefits desired by the target customers as gleaned from research findings. 
  • The big idea should be the cornerstone of the campaign. It could be a logo, tagline, trademark character, etc.—but it needs to be clearly and consistently present throughout the campaign across all media channels.
  • The creative strategy is developed to demonstrate the form that the campaign messages will take—much like a creative brief.

Elements to Include

  • All creative materials must have a compelling "BIG idea" woven throughout and must be consistent in look and feel.  
  • A strong “call-to-action” should appear on all of the creative materials and these should be clearly shown.
  • Students must prepare actual composite (agency like “comps”) creative renditions as to what the finished art work or message carrying vehicle will be for each medium.
  • Students should label each sample so that the reader understands exactly what is being shown.
  • Creative materials are limited only by the campaign objectives and budget.  These materials may include space ads, direct mailers, coupons, kiosks, outdoor signs, website landing pages, outbound emails, Personalized URLs, blogs, Facebook ads, banner ads, text messages, hashtags, Google ads, Smartphone Apps, etc.  
  • All creative executions mentioned in the campaign strategy must be created and included in the overall proposal.

Suggested Layout 

  • Clear and concise, yet revealing bullet points may be used to communicate much of the content in this section.
  • Explanation of offers and messages.  These should be detailed for each respective market segment.  
  • Different offer strategies should be created on the basis of the desires of each respective market segment.
  • Description of creative materials with references made to Appendixes where each creative element or composite will be housed.  
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