Marketing EDGE Alumni Spotlight: Beth Smith

Beth Smith | EDGE Alum | Where is she now?      Beth Smith
Smith Browning Direct, Inc.

Beth Smith, an alumnus of our Collegiate Institute (forerunner of today’s Collegiate Summit), landed her first job with The Viguerie Company – the first job offered by a Marketing EDGE donor – after graduating from the University of Tennessee. She then worked for 15 years at Epsilon, alongside other Collegiate Institute graduates. For the last 30 years Beth has headed her own direct marketing consultancy.

Beth's professional philosophy reflects Marketing EDGE's commitment to building a strong future for the industry. When asked what she likes most about her job, she says "I enjoy sharing the knowledge I gained over my career with new marketers. I enjoy working with smart marketers internationally to help them maximize their results. And I enjoy the significant advances technology has given to marketers to improve accountability and effectiveness."

After decades as a marketing industry leader, Beth has proven advice for students preparing to launch a career in the field: "Be genuinely interested in helping others––the target market, your co-workers, your clients––and reach out to share your knowledge. And never stop learning, never lose your appetite for improving yourself and your work."