Employer Testimonials

Kristen Dearing, Brierley & Partners  

“The Marketing EDGE Summer Internship Program was incredibly beneficial to Brierley & Partners. Through the Marketing EDGE network, we were able to find excellent candidates for our internship position. The young lady that we hired brought fresh perspective to our marketing initiatives and new ideas on how to solve problems. We enjoyed her high energy and passionate attitude. We benefited from the thinking and hard work that she provided.  We look forward to participating in the program again next summer!”


Kristen Dearing, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Alliances, Brierley & Partners

Morayea Pindziak, The Agency Inside, A Harte-Hanks Company  

“The Marketing EDGE Summer Internship Program is a great addition to even established internship programs. It expanded our recruitment reach as well as provided additional valuable experience for our interns through the I-MIX conference. They were able to take their learned experiences from their time in the office and put them to work in the team projects and workshops.”


Morayea Pindziak, Vice President, Marketing, The Agency Inside, a Harte-Hanks Company


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