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EDGE Partner Portal | Silver, Gold & Platinum Sponsors
The EDGE Partner Portal is now available to CLP Silver-, Gold- and Platinum-level sponsors. To learn how best to maximize this 24/7 digital source, Click here to access a copy of the Community Call introducing the Partner Portal, as well as helpful resources to support your recruiting activities going forward.

Contact: Terri Herschlag, Senior Program Manager
THerschlag [at] | 212.790.1431

Intern and Entry-Level Positions *
Post your job descriptions on the EDGE Partner Portal and notify Terri Herschlag, Senior Program Manager of your search.

Contact: Terri Herschlag, Senior Program Manager
THerschlag [at] | 212.790.1431

Marketing EDGE Speakers Bureau
Volunteer to speak in your area of expertise at a session of a college class, marketing club and/or Marketing EDGE program.

Sign up:
Contact: Marie Adolphe, Senior Vice President, Program Development
MAdolphe [at] | 212.790.1535


Student Career Forums:

SAVE THE DATES (More details to be provided)
• Dallas: Friday, February 14, 2020 | Southern Methodist University
• Chicago: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 | Loyola University Chicago

Contact: Terri Herschlag, Senior Program Manager
THerschlag [at] | 212.790.1431

Collegiate Summit

SAVE THE DATE:  June 7 – 9
• Fordham University | New York City
Meet 80 top college students as they prepare themselves to become tomorrow’s marketing leaders. Students selected for this highly competitive program will gather in NYC to experience a powerful combination of vision, insight, and advice during this four-day “marketing boot camp,” where they’ll explore how the savviest companies and brands use technology and digital, data-driven strategies to reach and engage consumers.

Contact: Kelsey Farrell, Program Coordinator
KFarrell [at] | 212.790.1518

EDGE Awards

SAVE THE DATE 2020 EDGE Awards | Monday, June 1
2019 EDGE Awards | Pier 60, Chelsea Piers | NYC
As a CLP Sponsor, one of your major benefits is participation at the EDGE Awards. Check out photos from the successful event here.

Tribute Ad: Artwork Deadline – Friday, May 1. Ad specifications to be provided directly.
Guest List: Submit your list no later than Monday, May 18.

Contact: Jamie Feinberg, Development Assistant
JFeinberg [at] | 212.790.1512


Community Calls

CLP Community Call #4 | September 24, 2019 | “Whew, the Summer Internship Program Is Over: Now What?”

Terri Herschlag, Senior Program Manager at Marketing EDGE, discussed the state of entry-level talent and shared the results of the inaugural Marketing EDGE Summer Intern Survey. The survey participants were EDGE Alumni (mainly seniors), students from across the country representing 11 schools and multiple majors. From the onboarding experience through key internship takeaways, learn how to maximize your 2019 Summer Internship Program for the important recruiting year ahead.

Check out the playback of Terri’s presentation and view the slides, below.

September 24, 2019 CLP Community Call #4: Video playback
(once link opens click on screen to play, and upper right corner to expand screen)

from “Whew, the Summer Internship Program Is Over: Now What?” presentation by Terri Herschlag. Learn how to maximize your 2019 Summer Internship Program for the important recruiting year ahead.


CLP Community Call | May 7

Jeanniey Mullen, Global Chief Marketing Officer | Transformational CMO of the Year and Marketing EDGE Board Member led an open discussion about “The Future of Marketing: The skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce and how Marketing EDGE is working as we prepare the next generation of talent”. Jeanniey led us through a fascinating presentation! “Our entire industry is going through a significant transformation, as is the entire world…there is a significant gap between the current and required skills supply. The solution in many cases is seriously and credibly looking at interns… who bring in skill sets, that no matter how great your teams are, they don’t have – as natively as millennials, or even GenZ – starting to enter the workforce.” Jeanniey Mullen.

Check out the playback of Jeanniey’s presentation, the slides, and the Mercer 2019 Global Trends study below.

If you would like a free issue of Mercer’s 2019 global Talent Trends Study, click here. (Please note that (free) membership is required.)

May 7 CLP Community Call # 3: Video playback (once the link opens click download to play)
from “The Future of Marketing” presentation by Jeanniey Mullen. A fascinating look at a unique time of transformation for not only Marketing but the world.


January 29 CLP Community Call #2:

Video playback from the Partner Portal demonstration (by Exclamation Labs). A step-by-step walk-through of the Portal, showcasing the CLP functionality of job posting, applicant searches, and applicant management


If you can’t find your answer here, please email us at or call Terri Herschlag at 212-790-1431.

September 24 CLP Community Call #1  

Audio Playback
Resources made available following the call: