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Marketing EDGE Collegiate Summit – Helping Students Define Their Competitive EDGE

By: Alicia Harris, Radford University 

When I first arrived at the Collegiate Summit with over thirty other passionate, motivated, and driven students, I was forced to deeply think about what I thought my competitive edge might be. I realized that it was no longer good enough to be smart, to have extraordinary communication skills, and an Excel certification to wave around. I met students my age, in their late teens or early twenties, many of which who were starting their own businesses and had already created a clear path for their futures. Being surrounded by such an elite group, taught me the importance of being able to define and own what made me stand out among the crowd. By the end of the Summit, I came to the sound and confident conclusion that my edge is my undeniable work ethic.

Alicia Harris (middle) with fellow participants Sabria Jones and Ron Davalos

Throughout the different workshops and presentations, I began to network and converse with many of today’s leading marketers. However, Wednesday was my favorite day because it focused on perfecting our craft. The first session was a resume review. During the session, several human resource managers joined us to look over and critique our resumes. Having this sort of one-on-one attention was by far one of the most beneficial advantages that Marketing EDGE could have given us. In today’s business world, a resume has less than ten seconds to stand out to a recruiter. If it doesn’t seem of importance or is not appealing, it is trashed within the blink of an eye. Having feedback on how one should go about constructing their resume by the people who actually review them was a wonderful gift. One of my favorite sessions was the Interviewing Blind Date workshop led by Meredith Trotta. Going into an interview for the first time can be nerve-racking and quite intimidating. However, Meredith fully prepared us for when our time comes to sit down and sell ourselves to a hiring manager.

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend this wonderful and life-changing experience. I hope to stay involved in this innovative organization in the future. I have learned a great amount while attending the Collegiate Summit and am walking away feeling more confident in the future ahead.

Thank you Marketing EDGE for helping me to define and perfect my edge!

Congratulations, Collegiate ECHO Winners!