Marketing EDGE hosts one major national industry event per year to honor industry talent and success... in style.  We also hold an annual academic marketing conference for professors, and for students, regional Career Forums.

Awards and Events

Marketing EDGE hosts a major national industry event each year to honor industry talent and success... in style. For academics, we also host an annual marketing conference for professors; and for students, regional Career Forums, among other events. Read more below.

EDGE Awards 

Held annually in NYC, join today’s leading marketers in a worthy cause and while you’re at it, honor the brightest marketing professionals, including young professionals 40 and under, as well as a corporate and education institution.

Marketing EDGE Student Career Forums

The Marketing EDGE Student Career Forum is a great way for students to get advice and learn about the industry from experts in this field, and obtain invaluable information from leading career specialists on career choices, job search, interviewing, and more.  We offer Career Forums throughout the year.

Academics: Marketing EDGE Summit

The Marketing EDGE Summit, (New Orleans, LA, October 7-8, 2017) provides a forum for database, social, traditional direct and digital marketing topics in the areas of research and teaching.

Academics: Interactive Marketing Research Summit

2018 is the inaugural year of the Interactive Marketing Research Conference, intended to be the premier conference for digital and direct marketing and a unique event of interest to both behavioral researchers and to those who leverage data-intensive environments.

Professor's Institute

Marketing EDGE's Professor's Institute offers stimulating conversations between marketing practitioners and academics on the challenges and opportunities facing marketers.