Corporate Leadership Award Winner (Bio)


Described as "A Company with a Soul," Quad/Graphics was founded in 1971 by Harry V. Quadracci. To this day, his son (Joel) and family (immediate and extended) carry on his vision: "In 1971, we believed in a dream. We believed there must be a better way. When you dream a little, common people, working together, can do uncommon things." The culture, ethics and beliefs are as strong today as they were on day one.

That same philosophy and commitment is embodied by Harry's son, Joel, who states: "Maintaining the status quo is not an option. We must grow -- both personally and professionally -- to succeed." And, no one knows this better than Joel himself. He participated in the firm’s corporate training program, as did numerous leaders within the organization today. That’s why "Quad/Graphics Is An Education Company."

For 20 years and counting, Quad/Graphics has contributed directly to Marketing EDGE programs, reflecting its mantra, "Quad/Graphics Is An Education Company." Its support of Marketing EDGE’s National Collegiate Institute, a forerunner of today’s I-MIX and I-MAX student immersion programs, and its continued philanthropy with the organization today underscore the beneficial impact these programs have on bringing market-ready graduates into the data-driven marketing workforce.

Quad's unending circle of Education: “Learn, Know, Improve, Teach” is a foundational truth throughout the organization. Quad/Graphics maintains programs in corporate training, leadership training and Quad/Education, the latter of which supports 1,000 classes taught on-the-job training or in the classroom, ranging from medical, human resources, safety, technical and wellness. The company also offers apprenticeships, continuous improvement courses from technical to safety, and to lean enterprise training. Tuition reimbursement is a given supporting all full-time employees to support continued education and learning.

What some may not realize is how Joel and his entire organization have completely re-positioned Quad/Graphics itself, given the profound evolution of the "printing" industry. Evolving from a pure printing organization, today company has embraced 3D printing, making huge strides in the area of medicine and technology. At the base of this evolution is education, drive, innovation – and leadership.

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