Edward N. Mayer, Jr.

Ed Mayer literally wrote the book on direct marketing.

Known as the “Father of Direct Marketing Education”, in 1965 he taught the first marketing program for college students, funded by Lew Kleid of The Kleid Company, which ultimately led to the creation of Marketing EDGE (formerly DMEF, Direct Marketing Educational Foundation).

Ed is most famous for his popularized "40/40/20 Rule” developed in the 1960's after 30 years as a mail advertising pioneer. Ed died in 1975, but more than 50 years later his formula – by his assessment marketing campaigns should focus 40% on the audience, 40% on the offer and 20% on the creative – still guides most of the world’s marketing campaigns.

Marketing EDGE is the only national non-profit organization of its kind committed to introducing college students to the thriving business of marketing.  In 2016, Marketing EDGE celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

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