2013 Research Summit Proceedings

Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit

Saturday Presentations | Sunday Presentations ... OCTOBER 2013

Saturday Presentations  October 12, 2013


Busch Gardens [pdf] - Lisa Spiller, Christopher Newport University [tied for 2nd Place Silver]

ECB [pptx] - Debra Zahay-Blatz, Aurora University; Blodwen Tarter, Golden Gate University

Zappos [pptx] - Deborah Cowles, Virgina Commonwealth University; Jan Owens, Carthage College; Kristen Walker, California State University Northridge [1st Place Gold]



Course Development

Mainstreaming Direct Marketing into Principles Courses: How Far Have We Come? [docx]- Debbora Whitson, Juanita Roxas, Helena Czepiec, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Degree of Penetration of Direct Marketing Programs/Courses [docx] - Maria Roxas, Central Connecticut State University; Juanita Roxas, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

The Power of Consumer Information - Kristen Walker, Mary Curren, California State University, Northridge

IMC and Advertising

Optimizing Multichannel Promotional Budget Allocation [docx] [pptx] [pdf] [xlsx] - Richard Michon, Ryerson University

Capitalizing on Our Faults: Examining the Effectiveness of Mea Culpa Advertising [docx] [pptx]- Matthew Shaner, Nawar Chaker, Anton Fenik, University of Tennessee

Does the 'Simon Effect' Matter: Examining the Role of Review Type Timing and Density on Performer Success and Survival - Nadia Pomirleanu, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Jaishankar Ganesh, Rutgers University - Camden


The Role of Sales Promotion in Influencing Consumer Brand Preference [docx]- Don Schultz, Martin Block, Northwestern University

We Clapped for the Hologram: Authenticity in Experiential Consumption [docx]- Spencer Ross, Simmons School of Management; Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago

The Impacts of Consumer Online Reviews on Brand Extension Evaluations [docx]- Jing Hu, Xin Liu, California State Polytechnic University Pomona; Bing Xu, California State University, Dominguez Hills


Cross Cultural

Country Characteristics for a Successful Social Media Strategy: A Cluster Analysis Approach - Leila Samii, Southern New Hampshire University

Cross-cultural Comparison of Micro-blogging Sites: Sina Weibo vs. Twitter [docx] - Bela Florenthal, Mike Chen-Ho Chao, William Paterson University

The Role of Social Capital in the Creation of Communities through Social Media: Lessons from Poland and the U.S. - Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Interactive Marketing in Indonesian Political Race [docx] [pptx]- Dina Septiani, Clemson University; IGAK Satrya Wibawa, Universitas Airlangga


Mobile and E-Marketing

A Value and Risk Model of Consumers' Mobile Marketing Acceptance - Tony Gao, Northeastern University; Andrew Rohm, Loyola Marymount University; Margherita Pagani, Universita Bocconi; Fareena Sultan, Northeastern University

The Favorite 50: An Outlook of Their Performance - Maxwell Hsu, Roger Yin, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Mapping Emotions to Locations via Mobile Social Media [docx] [pptx] - Sy Banerjee, University of Michigan - Flint

Modeling and Neuromarketing

A Bayesian Non-Parametric Pareto/NBD Model [docx] - Pablo Marshall, Universidad Catolica de Chile

Predicting Advertisement Dwell Time Using Eye-Traccking and Facebook Data - Dirk Van Den Poel, Michel Ballings, Ghent University


Special Topics

Valuing the Data in Data-Driven Marketing - Rachel Thomas, Direct Marketing Association; John Deighton, Harvard Business School; Peter A. Johnson, Columbia University

Funding Your Research in Direct Marketing - Bob Dwyer, Riley Dugan, Xin (Shane) Wang, University of Cincinnati; Debra Zahay-Blatz, Aurora University

Perspectives on Privacy - George Milne, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Ben Isaacson, Experian; Rachel Thomas, Direct Marketing Association

Direct Marketing in the OmniChannel Environment - Lisa Spiller, Christopher Newport University; Carlos Corredor, Hallmark; Andrew Davidson, Comperemedia; Tom Harding, Infinity Direct; Debbie Roth, Japs-Olson



Are SMEs Falling Behind of Digital Marketing Development? [docx]- Heini Lipainen, University of Jyvaskyla

Towards the Future of CRM: CRM in Today's Socially Aware B2B Firms [docx] - Heini Lipainen, University of Jyvaskyla

Local Internet Crowd Offers for a Tourist Destination: A Comparative Direct Marketing Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Intention to Return [docx]- Tracy Cosenza, University of Memphis; Theofanis Varvoglis, American College of Thessaloniki; Trisha Ryan, Boston College

Consumer and Brand Engagement Driven by Social Media: A Longitudinal Study [docx]- Andrew Rohm, Velitchka Kaltcheva, Loyola Marymount University

Brand Reputation Under Siege: The Risks of Subversive Social Media Attacks [docx] - Spencer Ross, Simmons School of Management; Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago

Using LinkedIn to Engage with Students, Alumni, Faculty and the Business Community [pdf] - Lyle Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Small Business Use of Online Marketing Communication: Prospects and Challenges - Matthew Sauber, David Marold, Eastern Michigan University

Which Ones Do They Care About? An Exploration of Consumers' Perceptions of Online Reviews - Xin Liu, Zhongming Ma, Jing Hu, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

What's in a Word? How Social Media Influences Loyalty in a Reward Program Context - Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada Las Vegas

The Role of Social Media in HIring for Entry Level Marketing Jobs: Employers' Perspectives [docx]- Joanna Lee, California State University - East Bay

Sunday Presentations  October 13, 2013


KEYNOTE  Engagement Orientation: A Catalyst to Profits [docx abstract]– V. Kumar, Georgia State University; co-authored with Anita Pansari, Georgia State University



Best Paper Contenders

Facebook Usage and Sports Team Identification: Direct Marketing Implications [docx] [pptx]- Caitlin Moyer, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team; Jim Pokrywczynski, Robert Griffin, Marquette University

The Effects of Information Privacy Concerns and Perceived Personalization on Online Trust and Willingness to Disclose Personal Information: An Empirical Investigation of Facebook Users - Guoha "Mark" Wu, California State University, Fullerton

Emerging Challenges in Social Media: Social Complaints Service Recovery; and Dysfunctional Consumers [docx] - Todd Bacile, Loyola University New Orleans

Transmedia Consumption Experiences (TCE): Patching as a Media Consumption Practice [docx] - Behice Ilhan, Purdue University, North Central; Robert Kozinets, York University; Cele D. Otnes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BEST RESEARCH PAPER: Procrastinators' Online Experience and Purchase Behavior [docx]- Shabnam H. A. Zanjani, Northeastern Illinois University; George R. Milne, Elizabeth G. Miller, University of Massachusetts Amherst



What They Post and What Consumers Like: Content Analysis of 100 Global Brands, Facebook Pages [docx] - Dae Hee Kim, LIsa Spiller, Matthew Hettche, Christopher Newport University

The Effect of Expressing and Receiving Negative Word-of-Mouth on Purchase Behavior [docx] - Su Jung Kim, Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang, Edward Malthouse, Northwestern University

How Innovativeness Utilitarian and Hedonic Attributes Affect Electronic Word of Mouth [docx] - Jie Feng, SUNY Oneonta; Purushottam Papatla, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Effects of eWOM on Consumer Behavior: A Stimulus-Organism-Response Model Proposition [docx] - Rym Srarfi Tabbane, Mohesn Debabi, University of Manouba

In Search for Negative Online Consumer Reviews [docx] - Chinintorn Nakhata, University of South Florida


Teaching Social Media


Using Twitter in the Marketing Classroom to Develop Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding Skills [docx] - Denny McCorkle, James Reardon, University of Northern Colorado

Growing in the Business of Education through Visual Learning [pdf]- Ilene Fink, Pace University

Are Marketing Academics Prepared to Educate in a Social Media World? [pdf] - Lyle Wetsch, Jennifer Dion, Amy Fisher, University of Newfoundland

Moving Beyond the Classroom: Who Benefits from Online Social Communities - Michael Clayton, American University; Matthew Hettche, Dae Hee Kim, Christopher Newport University

Teaching Social Media Marketing: Approaches that Contribute to Student Learning [docx] - Joanna Lee, Kimberly Legocki, Tom Watson, California State University, East Bay

BEST PEDAGOGICAL PAPER: Teaching ROI Analysis in an Era of Social Media [pdf abstract] - John Cronin, Western Connecticut State University


Luncheon Keynote

Why Big Data Must Become Smart Data [zip file] - Donald P. Hinman, Senior Vice President, Data Strategy, Epsilon  (a link to the video file is on the next-to-last slide)


Teaching Tools

Learning Hot to Use IdeaMap Resarch to Target the 18-24 Femail Marketplace: State of the Art Practices Taught in the Classroom - Harvey Markovitz, Dennis Sandler, Mary Long, Esther Farber, Soheb Hassan, Pace University; Kenneth Rotondo, iNovum

Student Created Content Videos: Flipping the Direct Marketing Classroom with a Twist - Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University

Collegiate Marketing Activities: What Stands Out from the Competition? Brian Vander Schee, Aurora University

Turnitin: Educate or Deter? Gillian Naylor, University of Nevada Las Vegas