Keynote | Andrew Malcolm | CMO | Evernote

Sunday, October 8 | 11:45 AM-1:15 PM | Awards Luncheon & Keynote

“Creatively Analytic” Ways to Grow

Andrew Malcolm, CMO, Evernote    CMOs are being asked to play a more active role in the exec suite than ever before, but at the same time, traditional marketing tools are less effective than they've ever been. Between time shifting and mobile consumption, you have a greater likelihood of getting struck by lightning than clicking a mobile ad. So how can marketing still have the impact that CEOs expect? By being "Creatively Analytic," Andrew Malcolm, CMO of Evernote, explains how a mobile app with 200M+ users in every country on the planet achieves 40% growth with free media and analysis alone.
Andrew Malcolm, CMO, Evernote    
Over a decade leading global SaaS businesses, Andrew has tried just about everything to generate growth with marketing. Some of which has worked; most of which hasn’t. But through identifying new products, pivoting to adjacent markets, changing monetization models, spending big on above the line marketing, doubling down on search engine marketing and more, Andrew has developed a repeatable approach to marketing that he calls “creatively analytic.” This approach marries big data insights with compelling content to lead users to get the most value from apps, build brand love, increase engagement and lead to paid conversion. 
As CMO of Evernote, Andrew has created an organization using this approach that delivers just the right message at just the right time through owned and earned media that has doubled the number of paying users and led the company to cash flow positive operations.
Previously, as VP of Product Marketing Mobility at HP, he developed and launched the company’s mobile solutions strategy, resulting in a 400% increase in year over year revenue and was Head of Marketing at Skype where he led 44% registration growth and similar revenue growth during the company’s acquisition by Microsoft. These experiences plus a series of web consumer roles from to Google have helped develop and refine the type of organization, people, tools and processes that make a “creatively analytic” approach successful. Mostly though, these roles have been chances for Andrew to keep playing with numbers the way he has enjoyed since childhood while still humoring the possibility of writing a book one day.
Andrew was an Arjay Miller Scholar at Stanford Graduate School of Business and holds a BA in Government with distinction from Harvard University.