Abhilash Patel | Recovery Brands

Ahilash Patel | Recovery Brands    In 2011 Abhilash co-founded Recovery Brands, one of the largest marketing platforms for care providers within the addiction treatment field. Recovery Brands operates the Rehabs.com network from its headquarters in San Diego with offices in New York City. He has been in the internet marketing field for almost 10 years, founding the agency RankLab Interactive in 2007, specializing in the hyper-competitive residential addiction treatment industry. 
Both companies were acquired by AAC Holdings, Inc. in July of 2015 for a combined $60 Million. You can find Abhilash speaking at major industry conferences as well as locally at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Abhilash earned his BA in economics/philosophy from Columbia University in 2002 and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management (2012) where he was an MDE fellow at the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.