2013 Research Summit Keynote: Donald P. Hinman, Ph.D.

Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit

2013 Keynote: Why Big Data Must Become Smart Data

“Big Data” isn’t just digital data. Big Data describes the vast enormity of online AND offline data. It is data from customers and data about customers. It includes their characteristics, their purchase transactions and their on-line interactions. Today’s challenge with big data is not just storage – it is how companies access and harness this enormous quantity of information to generate business value. This presentation will explore how companies are rethinking Big Data and turning it into smart solutions that improve their marketing capabilities and business opportunities.


Sunday Keynote Speaker

Donald P. Hinman, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Data Strategy, Epsilon

Don Hinman is the Senior Vice President for Data and Indirect Market Strategy for Epsilon Targeting. In this role Don leads the data asset utilization functions for Epsilon’s data products. He also provides Market Management for our Strategic Partners. Don is often referred to as “Dr. Data” due to his experience and expertise known across the industry for the creation and use of external data in database marketing applications. He previously served as SVP for Products for ICOM and Abacus. [click here for additional biographical information]