Nominations for the Robert B. Clarke Outstanding Educator Award are currently open until January 9, 2016.  Nominations are made by an academic's peers.  The following are nomination questions for the award, which recognizes outstanding teaching, research and speaking in integrated marketing education over the course of a career:

1. In your opinion, why does the candidate merit the award?

2. What distinguishes his/her teaching of marketing?

3. What are his/her major research interests?

4. What information can you add that would help in the selection process?

5. Please attach any additional information you want to bring to the attention of the selection panel.

6. Include your complete contact information (name address phone fax email).

7. Can you confirm whether the candidate will be in attendance at the Research Summit?

Nominations for Clarke Award


Visit the Robert Clarke Award web page for information on the selection process and past recipients.


If you have questions about submitting nominations, please contact Marie Adolphe, Senior Vice President, Program Development: .