Shankar-Spiegel Best Dissertation Proposal in Direct/Interactive Marketing

Shankar-Spiegel Winners


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Xian Gu, University of Maryland

2017 Recipient (awarded in 2018)
Xian Gu   University of Maryland


Daniel McCarthy 2016 Recipient
Daniel McCarthy  The Wharton School
Seoungwoo Lee

2015 Recipient
Seongwoo Lee  University of Maryland

Arun Gopalakrishnan

2014 Recipient
Arun Gopalakrishnan  The Wharton School

Lin Liu

2013 Recipient
Lin Liu  University of Southern California

Xi "Alan" Zhang

2013 Recipient
Xi "Alan" Zhang  Georgia State University


2012 Recipient
Yi Zhu  University of Southern California




Kaifu Zhang, INSEAD

2011 Recipient
Kaifu Zhang  INSEAD

Shyam Gopinath

2010 Recipient
Shyam Gopinath  Northwestern University


2009 Recipient
Jonathan Zhang  Columbia University

2008 Recipient
Anita Man Luo  University of Connecticut

2008 Honorable Mentions


Name: Andrew Stephen
School: Columbia University
Award Won: 2008
Name:  Seshadri Tirunillai
School: University of Southern California
Award Won: 2008

About the Shankar-Spiegel Award

The Shankar-Spiegel Award recognizes doctoral candidates, from accredited programs, with the best dissertation proposals in the area of interactive, direct, and data-driven marketing. Marketing EDGE awards $6,000 - $3,000 to the winner(s) and $1,500 to each of the Honorable Mention(s) - in financial assistance to be used for travel, conference attendance, data collection, and other expenses for conducting and presenting their dissertation research proposals. All winning candidates also receive the cooperation of prestigious marketing firms for data collection and database usage.

"The future success of marketing education is directly related to the intellectual excellence and innovation of Ph.D. students pursuing research and study in this field," said Terri L. Bartlett, Marketing EDGE president. "Thanks to the vision and commitment of Venky Shankar, and the late Ted Spiegel, Marketing EDGE is proud to introduce the first winners of what is sure to become a much-sought-after award among doctoral students worldwide."

"Both the Marketing EDGE's commitment and the institution of this award will produce proficient academicians in the direct/interactive discipline," said the late Ted Spiegel, past president of Spiegel Marketing Associates and former Marketing EDGE Board member. "Each year's winners are excellent examples of the talent potential. We congratulate them and look forward to their futures in the direct/interactive marketing field."

"The Shankar-Spiegel Award is proud to promote cutting-edge dissertation research in direct/interactive marketing," said Venkatesh Shankar, professor at Texas A & M and a past academic representative on the Marketing EDGE Board. "I am delighted that there were several exciting research proposals in this inaugural year. Kudos to the winners! We hope the award will inspire and honor many more creative dissertations in the years to come."

By encouraging the creation and distribution of research on cutting-edge issues in the direct/interactive marketing community, the Shankar-Spiegel Award furthers Marketing EDGE's work as a thought-leader and catalyst for new ideas and fresh research, as well as its mission to educate, develop, grow and employ new talent in the field.

Marketing EDGE's Shankar-Spiegel Award is presented annually. Visit this Shankar-Spiegel Award information site for the current announcement.