2011 Proceedings

The Impact of Compensation on Information Ownership and Privacy Control
Jason Gabisch, Providence College  02-Gabisch.pdf -

The Effects of Bloggers’ Relationship Norms on the Characteristics of Disclosure Policy Statements
Soyean (Julia) Kim and Barbara Bickart, Boston University  03-Kim-Bickart.pdf

Social Media Mission-Control Command Centers: Monitoring and Managing Social Media
Bruce D. Weinberg, Paul D. Berger, Bentley University; Lenita Davis, University of Alabama

Website Sociability and Flexibility in Relation to Customer Online Satisfaction:  a Research Framework
Sandrine Prom Tep, HEC Montréal; Manon Arcand, ESG-UQAM  05-PromTep_Arcand.pdf

“What They Know” and Do They Care
Marilyn Lavin, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Helping Managers Avoid Privacy Mishaps:  A Re-examination of Marketer Caused Consumer Privacy Harms
Yana Andonova, Kunal Swani, University of Massachusetts-Amherst   07-Andonova-Swani.pdf

Estimating Retention Rates from Cross-Sectional Surveys
Don Bacon, Xaingyu Xu, University of Denver    08-Bacon-Xu.pdf

Extending Young and Rubicam’s Brand Asset Valuator Conceptual Framework to Predict Attendance at Higher Educational Institutions
John B. Greene, Jr., Catawba College

The Marketing Communication Curriculum 2.0
Don Hurwitz, Emerson College  10-Hurwitz.pdf

Bridging the Academic-Practitioner Gap Through Outside Competitions
Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada-Las Vegas   11-Krishen.pdf

Addressing the Challenges of Advertising Education in the 21st Century: An Advertising Instructor’s View
Joanna Lee, California State University, East Bay   12-Lee,Joanna.pdf

Experiential and Real-world: Social Media in the Marketing Classroom
Denny McCorkle, David Reardon, University of Northern Colorado   13-McCorkle-Reardon.pdf

Marketing Yourself: Networks for Jobs and Economic Advancement
Michael Faulkner, Bruce Herniter, DeVry University   14-Faulkner-Herniter.pdf

Catastrophic Disaster Recovery in Tertiary Teaching: Using Online Learning Systems and New Media Communication to Retain Student Involvement in Disruptive Settings
David Fortin, University of Canterbury   15-Fortin.pdf

Preference Stability Belief: An Alternative View of How Customers Respond to Personalized Recommendations
Anyuan “Daniel” Shen, State University of New York at New Paltz; A. Dwayne Ball, University of Nebraska - Lincoln   16-Shen-Ball.pdf

Social Media Intelligence: The Missing Link in Today’s Students
Lyle Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland   17-Wetsch-SocialMediaIntelligence.pdf

Consumer Receipt Filtering and Response
Eric Karson, Wenhong Luo, Villanova University; Peter A. Johnson, m-Lightenment Media Consulting   19-Karson-Luo-Johnson.pdf

Implications of Cross-Channel Payment Policies on Shopping Behavior and Retailer Profitability
Patrali Chatterjee, Montclair State University    20-Chatterjee.pdf

Gaining Customer Insights Using Customer Journey Analysis. Analyzing and Understanding Cross-platform and Multi-channel Customer Behavior
Jos Schijns, Open University in the Netherlands   21-Schijns-Gaining-Customer-Insights.pdf

Understanding the Diffusion of Paid Digital Content: A Growth Curve Modeling Approach
Angela Xia Liu, Tsinghua University; Yinglei Wang, Acadia University; Xi Chen, China University of Political Science and Law; Xuping Jiang, Tsinghua University   22-Liu-Wang-Chen.pdf

Variety Seeking on Facebook
Sereikhouch Eng, University of Rhode Island   23-Eng-Sereikhuoch.pdf

Personal Branding With Social Media: An Essential Application of Direct Marketing Skills For Today’s Students
Lyle Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland   24.Wetsch-PersonalBranding.pdf

Using Social Media to Teach Social Media Marketing: How to Leverage Student Prior Knowledge and Word Press Blogs
Matthew Hettche, Michael Clayton, Christopher Newport University   25-Hettche-Clayton.pdf

Bringing Business World Experiences to the Classroom
Moderator: Lauren Labrecque, Northern Illinois University
Panelists: Anthony Asare, Eeeni Markos, Quinnipiac University; Geoff Klapisch, Boston University; Denny E. McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado; Debra Zahay-Blatz, Northern Illinois University   26-Labrecque-et-al.pdf

Active Learning: Augmenting Lectures in Direct Marketing
Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University   27-Greene.pdf

Vodcast Impact on Students’ Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions
Bela Florenthal, William Paterson University, Priscilla A. Arling, Deborah Skinner, Kathryn W. King, Patrick J. Rondeau, Butler University   28-Florenthal-Paterson-Arling-Skinner-King-Rondeau.pdf

How the Smartphone is Changing Student Mobile Content Usage and Advertising Acceptance
Michael Hanley, Ball State University  

Let’s Make a Deal: Assessing the Relative Exchange Value of Advertising
Kelty Logan, University of Colorado at Boulder

Social Media: Exploring the Age Gap
Anjala Krishen, Michelle Tillett, University of Nevada-Las Vegas    32-Krishen-Tillett.pdf

Reference Group of Microblog Influence on the Consumer Decision Process: A Multiple Case Study on Tweets as Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Shigeru Ota, Chiaki Iwai, Aoyama Gakuin University   33-Ota-Iwai.pdf

Learning to Active Learn with Applications in the Online Advertising Field of Look Alike Modeling
James G. Shanahan, University of California-Santa Cruz; Nedim Lipka, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar; Dirk Van den Poel, Ghent University   34-Shanahan-Lipka-vandenPoel.pdf

The Usage Level and Effectiveness of Quick Response (QR) Codes for Marketing-Oriented Purposes Among College Students
Brad Sago, Whitworth University

A Joint Model of Usage and Churn in Contractual Settings
Eva Ascarza, Columbia Business School; Bruce Hardie, London Business School   38-Ascarza-Hardie.pdf

Modeling the Volume of Positive Online Word of Mouth for Automobiles
Jie Feng, SUNY-Oneonta; Purushottam Papatla, University of Wisconsin-MIlwaukee  39-Feng.pdf

Structural Dynamic Factor Analysis for Quantitative Trendspotting
Rex Du, University of Houston; Wagner Kamakura, Duke University   40-Du-Kamakura-Abstract.pdf   40-Du-Kamakura-Slides.pdf

Social Sharing By Social Pumps: The Effect of Transmitter Activity on Information Diffusion Over Online Social Networks
Andrew Stephen, University of Pittsburgh; Yaniv Dover, Yale University; Jacob Goldenberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem   41-Stephen-Dover-Goldenberg.pdf

Customer Retention Dynamics in a Contractual Setting: The Paradox of Increasing Loyalty
Peter Fader, University of Pennsylvania; Bruce Hardie, London Business School; Yuzhou Liu, New York University   43-Fader-Hardie-Liu.pdf

Learning Customer Relationship Marketing Through Drama Enactments: Role Playing Moments of Truth to Uncover Nuances in Direct Marketing Talk and Action
Arch Woodside, Boston College; Linda Coleman, Salem State University   44-Woodside-Coleman.pdf

Socializing the Direct and Interactive Marketing Educator’s Toolbox

Tracy Tuten, East Carolina University   45-Tuten-SocializingtheToolbox_ExtendedAbstract.pdf

A Relationship Marketing Approach to Political Marketing
Dedar Mahmud, David Gray, MacQuarie University

Teaching Students How to Create Viral Marketing: A Case Study
Helena Czepiec, Frank Bryant, Juanita Roxas, Debbora Whitson, California State Polytechnic University   47-Czepiec-Roxas-et-al.pdf

The Satisfaction of Marketing Students and the Perception of Acquired Competencies
Francisco Javier Arroyo Canada, Isabel Mut Thomas, Ana-Maria Arguka-Irurita, University of Barcelona   48-Canada.pdf

The Language of Marketing
Debra Zahay-Blatz, Northern Illinois University; Hugh Pattinson, University of Western Sydney   49-Zahay-Blatz-Griffin-VoicesOfCrowd.pdf   49-Zahay-Pattinson-Strategy-Tech.pdf

A Call for Critical Thinking in Marketing Courses
John Cronin, Western Connecticut State University

Media Multiplexing Behavior
Chen Lin, Sriram Venkatraman, Sandy Jap, Emory University   52-Jap.pdf

Interdependencies and Synergies Among Advertising Information Search and Brand Performance
Shuba Srinivasan, Boston University; Koen Pauwels, Ozyegin University; Craig Stacey, New York University   53-Srinivasan-Pauwels-Stacey.pdf

Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising
Andrew Stephen, University of Pittsburgh; Yakov Bart, INSEAD   54-Stephen-Bart.pdf

Are Close Friends the Enemy? The Effect of Social Networks on Self-Control
Keith Wilcox, Babson College; Andrew Stephen, University of Pittsburgh  

Like it or Not”: Consumer Responses to Word-of-Mouth Communication in Online Social Networks
Keith Coulter, Clark University; Anne Roggeveen, Babson College

Social Networks, Personalized Advertising; and Privacy Controls
Catherine Tucker, MIT   57-Tucker.pdf

Extracting Behavioral Data from Electronic Channels for Academic Research
Charles Hofacker, Florida State University; Scott Thompson, University of Georgia;
Bruce Weinberg, Bentley University   58-Hofacker-Thompson-Weinberg.pdf

Marketing EDGE Data Sets – As a Research Tool
Subir Bandyopadhyay, Indiana University Northwest; Eddie Rhee, Stonehill College; Anyuan “Daniel” Shen, SUNY at New Paltz
Moderator: Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

From E-Commerce to V-Commerce
Susan Jones, Ferris State University

Digital Marketing: The Time for a New “Academic Major” Has Arrived
Clifford Wymbs, Baruch College/CUNY   61-Wymbs-DigitalMarketingMajor-Slides.pdf   61-Wymbs-DiscussionGuide.pdf

Crowdsourcing in Early Stages of New Product Development
Debra Zahay-Blatz, Northern Illinois University; Abbie Griffin, University of Utah; Vijaykumar Krishnan Palghat, Northern Illinois University   62-Zahay-Blatz-Griffin-VoicesOfCrowd.pdf

Success of Web Products: the Relationship Between Customer Adoption Routes and Usage
Clarence Lee, Elie Ofek, Thomas J. Steenburgh, Harvard Business School   63-Lee-Ofek-Steenburgh.pdf

Effects of Virtual Experience on Attitude Accessibility and Attitude Confidence: The Moderating Role of Product Type
Ki-Young Lee, Rochester Institute of Technology   64-Lee,Ki-Young.pdf

Hesitators – A New Consumer Type
Steffen Zorn, Curtin University   65-Zorn.pdf

Privacy Concern in France: An Integrated Approach
Pauline de Pechpeyrou, University Paris Ouest Nanterre; Patrick Nicholson, SKEMA Université Nord de France   66-de-Pechpeyrou-Nicholson.pdf

Considering Weak Tie Expertise and Similarity as Surrogates for Tie Strength: An Experimental Examination of Reliance Upon Weak Information in Consumption Decisions
Michael Obal, Gordon Burtch, Temple University; Werner Kunz, University of Massachusetts-Boston   67-Obal-Kunz.pdf

Marketing EDGE Data Sets as a Teaching Tool
Charles Hofacker, Florida State University; Scott Thompson, University of Georgia; Bruce Weinberg, Bentley University

Online Marketing Practices of Small Businesses
David Marold, Matthew Sauber, Eastern Michigan University

Academic Library Service Quality and Other Satisfaction in the Digital World
Maxwell Hsu, Richard G. Cummings, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater   70-Hsu-Cummings.pdf

Better Recommendation Engines: Combining Crowdsourcing, Conjoint, and Consumer Choice
Ely Dahan, University of California Los Angeles   71-Dahan-BetterRecommendationEngines-UsingConjointAnalysis.pdf

The Role of Authenticity in Online Communications
Lauren Labrecque, Northern Illinois University; Shabnam H.A. Zanjani, George R. Milne, University of Massachusetts-Amherst   *all authors equal contribution   72-Labrecque-Zanjani-Milne.pdf


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