Proceedings 2015 | Marketing Research Summit | Saturday, October 3

Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit
October 3-4, 2015
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center |  Boston, MA
Literature Sponsor: Kogan Page USA
11:30 A.M.-12:15 P.M.  

- James Peltier, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
- Brian Ratchford, University of Texas at Dallas
- Arch Woodside, Boston College

12:15-1:45 P.M.
Session 1.
Teaching Digital Marketing
  Session 2.
Pricing, Value & Analytics
  Session 3.
Brands & Digital Marketing
1. BEST PAPER: Social Media Research Survey:College Students/Faculty Communications [pdf]
- Lana Brackett, Ben Carr, Roger Williams University
  5. Can Combining Web and Mobile Communication Channels Reveal Concealed Customer Value? [pdf]
- Gregoire Bothorel, Université Paris 1 Pahthéon Sorbonne - Numberly (1000mercis Group)
- Régine Vanheems, IAE Lyon, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
- Anne Guerin, Numberly (1000mercis Group)
  8. @brand to @brand: Consumer Evaluations of Interbrand Social Media Communications [pdf]
- Spencer Ross, University of Massachusetts- Lowell
2. Flipping the Capstone: Lessons from a One-Year Experiment [pdf]
- Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
6. Match Your Own Price? Self-Matching as a Retailer''s Multichannel Pricing Strategy [pdf]
- Pavel Kireyev, Harvard Business School
- Vineet Kumar, Yale School of Management
- Ellie Ofek, Harvard Business School
  9. Enhancing Consumer-Brand Connections on Social Media through Posting a Brand Success: The Perspective of Basking in Reflected Glory [pdf]
Dae Hee Kim,
Christopher Newport University
3. Student Use of Social Media as a Personal Learning Network [pdf]
Denny E. McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado
  7.0. Evaluation Set Size and Purchase: Evidence from a Product Search Engine [pdf]
Vidyanand Choudhary, University of California – Irvine
Imran Currim,
Sanjeev Dewan,
Ivan Jeliazkov University of California – Irvine; 
Ofer Mintz, Louisiana State University; 
John Turner, University of California – Irvine
  10. Brand Evangelism: Model of Antecedents and Consequences [pdf]
- Toni Ann Cestare, Vishal Lala,
Pace University
4. Hire Me: Student Strategies for Being Recruited Through Social Media
- Mary Beth McCabe, National University
  7.1. Introductory Pricing for a New Contractual Service: An Agent-Based Study [pdf]
- Mohammad G. Nejad, Fordham University



11. Textual Paralanguage and Its Implications for Brand Communications in Online Environments
- Victor Barger, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
- Andrea Webb,
Joann Peck, University of


Session Chair:  Mary Beth McCabe, National University   Session Chair: Mohammad G. Nejad, 
Fordham University
  12. That’s the Way Brand Love Grows: Role of Customer Engagement across Markets
- Albert Valenti, Shuba Srinivasan, Boston University
- Koen Pauwels, Ozyegin University
Session Chair: Albert Valenti,
Boston University
2:00-3:30 P.M.

Session 4.
The Digital Classroom I

  Session 5.
Digital Analytics
  Session 6.
Social Media Communications
13. Digital Marketing in the Marketing Curriculum: Who and How Much? [pdf]
- Eric Karson, Villanova University
- Ann Root, Florida Atlantic University
  18. Augmented Reality: Designing Immersive Experiences That Maximize Consumer Engagement [pdf]
- Andrew N. Smith, Merrimack College
- Joachim Scholz, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
  22. The Selfie Effect in Product Liking [pdf]
- Patrick A. Barbro, Rowan University
14. High-Impact Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement in Hybrid and Online Marketing Courses [pdf]
- H. Rika Houston, Shirley Stretch Stephenson, Michael Germano, California State University, Los Angeles
  19. A Content Analysis of Experimental Technologies in Award-Winning Advertising
Fei Qiao, W. Glenn Griffin, University of Alabama
  23. Consumer Acceptance and Use of Instagram [pdf]
- Joel Järvinen, Roope Ohtonen, Heikki Karjaluoto, University of Jyväskylä
15. Inferring Attribute Structure from Online Reviews: The Case of [pdf]
- Vishal Lala, Pace University
  20. Customer Service versus Word-of-Mouth: An Exploratory Motivational Analysis of Online Complainants [pdf]
- Todd J. Bacile, Loyola University New Orleans
- Alexa K. Fox, Ohio University
  24. Individual and Firm Participation in Social Media Marketing: A Review [pdf]
- Atthaphon Mumi, Tao Gao, Yi Yang, University of Massachusetts Lowell
16. Guiding Students in the Selection of a Promising Client for the Google Online Marketing Challenge [pdf]
- Theresa B. Clarke, James Madison University
- Wojceich Czart, Adam Kickiewicz University
- Jamie Murphy, Australian School of Management
  21. How Managers Sense and Seize “Hyped” Technologies: A Case of Online Consumer Reviews
- Kristen Schiele, California State Polytechnic, Pomona
- Pernille Rydén, Copenhagen Business School
  25. Leveraging Social Media to Increase Capital Raised Through an Initial Public Offering [pdf]
- Atthaphon Mumi, Michael Obal,
Yi Yang, University of Massachusetts Lowell
17. Data Scraping for Brand Personality Attributes:  Five “Free” Text Analytics Tools to Use in the Classroom [pdf]
- Matt Hettche, Christopher Newport University
- Michael J. Clayton, American University
  Session Chair:
Jan Owens, 

Carthage College
  26. Linguistic Style in Social Media [pdf]
- Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago
- Kunal Swani, Wright State University
Session Chair:
Matt Hettche, 

Christopher Newport University
      Session Chair: Kunal Swani,
Wright State University
3:45-5:15 P.M.
Session 7. 
The Digital Classroom II
  Session 8. 
Big Data & Privacy
  Session 9. 
Social Media Marketing
27. Investigating the Place of Traditional Sales Skills Education in a Direct Marketing Context: Have We Entered the Age of the Integrated Marketing Maven? [pdf]
Harvey Markovitz, Deborah Fain, Dennis Sandler, Pace University
  32. Big Data, Big Problems: The Challenges of Big Data Ethics & Digital Privacy [pdf]
- Kristen Schiele, California State Polytechnic, Pomona
- Jack McAlpin, DZ Solutions
  35. The Importance of Social Media Responsiveness [pdf]
- Jennifer Dapko, Nicholas Palmerton, Florida Southern College
28. Developing Creative Thinking in the Direct Marketing Classroom through Digital Story Making [ppt] [pdf of abstract]
Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University
  33. Big Data and Consumer Behavior: The Imminent Cultural Clash [pdf]
Fareena Sultan, Northeastern University
- Charles Hofacker, Florida State University
- Edward Malthouse, Northwestern University
  36. Causes and Consequences of Fanpage Seller Credibility: Social Commerce [pdf]
- Pattharisa Charoenchaipong, Thammasat University

29. Does Social Media Matter? How Prospective and Current Students Use Social Media to Connect with Schools [pdf]
Alison Shields, Ithaca College 
- Adam Peruta, Syracuse University

  34. Strategic Category Development on Daily Deals Platforms [pdf]
- Hui Li, Carnegie Mellion University;
- Qiaowei Shen, The Wharton School
- Yakov Bart, Northeastern University
  37. Loving “Mapple Store” but Hating “Sprawl-Mart”: A Case Study of Brand Parodies in The Simpsons [pdf]
Fei Qiao, Brandon Chicotsky, University of Alabama
30. Student-Centered Content Communication with the Post-Millennial Marketing Student [pdf]
- Spencer Ross, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  Session Chair:
Yakov Bart,

Northeastern University

31. Explore Marketing Analytics with Your Professor: How to Use Websites and Free Analytics Tools to Engage Students [pdf]
Anyuan 'Daniel' Shen, State University of New York at New Paltz

      Session Chair:
Theresa Clarke,

James Madison University
Session Chair: Daniel Shen,
State University of New York
at New Paltz
5:15-6:45 P.M. Research Summit Reception
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