Keynote Panel: Digital Marketing Trends

Sunday, October 4 | 10:45 - 11:45 a.m.

Digital marketing is an incredibly new and diverse field with many branches that are coming into their own. Yet, digital marketing is changing the way companies do business, and it’s expanding rapidly. The experts on this panel—academics on the front lines of research, and practitioners of disciplines that are burgeoning, disrupting and maturing at the same time—will provide an insider's view of their multifaceted world(s), at the intersection of marketing, new media channels, and new technologies. They’ll share what’s happening behind the scenes today, and what we can expect tomorrow.

Neil Feinstein Neil Feinstein, Assistant Professor of Advertising, St. John's University;
and Owner, Zezo Digital
Michelle McCormack Michelle McCormack, Founder, Secret Boston and LoveTheCool
Elie Ofek Ellie Ofek, T.J. Dermot Dunphy Professor of Business Administration, 
Harvard Business School
Fareena Sultan Fareena Sultan, Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University
Ofer Mintz Moderator:  Ofer Mintz, Louisiana State University
Research Summit Conference Co-chair