Nomination Process (Corp commitment award)

Dear Friends of Marketing EDGE

Marketing EDGE  seeks to recognize young talent in the field of direct/interactive marketing at our annual Rising Stars Awards Dinner in June in New York City.  Over the last five years, we have honored many outstanding men and women in this field who are leading our vital community into the future. 

And, that’s not all!  In addition to honoring individual stars – 40 years and under – with our Rising Stars Awards, we also pay tribute to a corporation that sets the bar for the development and nurturing of leadership, better known as our Corporate Commitment Award.

What better way to acknowledge your younger generations of highly-skilled staff than to give them public acknowledgement for the great work they do.  It starts with you submitting the nomination! 

Winners will be chosen by a special committee made up of current and past Marketing EDGE board members, selected by the Marketing EDGE Chairman Craig Wood. 

Announcements for nominations and invitations for registrations will be going out at a date TBA. 

Known as the must-attend event in New York … start now to make it special for you, your company and your very own “rising stars."  Please visit this website frequently for updates on the June 11 Rising Stars Awards Dinner in New York City and other exciting Marketing EDGE news.

See you in June, if not before!

Best wishes,