Marketing EDGE, to fulfill its mission to Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ students in the field of marketing, offers programs to academics and students to help all achieve this goal. 

Marketing EDGE Student and Faculty Programs

Marketing EDGE offers various programs year-round to encourage students to become immersed in the field of marketing. These programs are designed to benefit students through active participation and interaction with top marketers in the field.


Collegiate Summits
The Collegiate Summit is an intensive student marketing conference program to be held in June in New York, NY open to rising juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing.  It offers college students a chance to learn about ‘big data’ and digital marketing and how they are changing marketing. Students also learn how those changes will provide for new career opportunities once they graduate. Students meet and network with professionals, and learn what they can do and how to prepare for a career in a marketing field that is increasingly data driven.

Student Career Forums
Student Career Forums offer students the chance to attend a special seminar, participating in an interactive talk with marketing experts. Focusing on careers in the field of data-driven marketing, the Forum offers valuable strategies on landing a job in today’s tough marketplace.  You will get tips on job hunting and career opportunities.

Marketing EDGE is committed to providing educational opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to pursuing an education in the field of marketing. A Marketing EDGE scholarship provides financial assistance and allows students to place their primary focus on pursuing educational goals.

Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge
The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge is an opportunity for college students studying marketing to compete and work on a multi-faceted marketing assignment for a major corporation. As a part of the competition, student teams submit marketing plans which include qualitative and quantitative research summaries, strategy outlines, and detailed analytics based on real-world metrics. While only available to students, the Challenge provides professors with teaching resources and the universities that winning students attend with exposure and goodwill.

Check back with us often for programs and scholarships offered to students.


Programs for faculty and PhD students include