Buena Vista

Award Level: Silver Awards and Digital Award
Product Service/Category: 28.0 Entertainment (Film & Music Products)
Client: Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment
Agency: True North Inc.
Target Audience: Consumer
Marketplace Challenge:
Due to the proliferation of online advertising, Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment is always looking for ways to break through the prevailing clutter and capture the target audience's attention. When it comes to DVD releases, the most important date for sales is the street date. So it's key to build momentum and anticipation around this date to maximize in-store and online sales. This effort was particularly important because BVWHE had re-mastered the classic animated feature, Peter Pan, with enhanced picture and sound, thus creating a new classic in the Platinum Series.
Marketing Strategy:
BVWHE's primary marketing strategy is to drive Day One DVD sales. Thus, our objective was to increase awareness of the DVD on-sale date. 
Marketing Tactics:
The campaign launched February 20, 2007 with five unique online advertisement units that promoted the Tinker Bell Desktop Application download within the ads. The official DVD website also featured a message to download the application. Once the Tinker Bell Desktop Application was downloaded to the user's personal computer, he or she only needed to launch the application and Tinker Bell appeared on the desktop. Once the application is downloaded, it launched with each start up of the computer and the user could continually interact with the brand while absorbing the DVD messaging and sales information in a non-intrusive manner that, most importantly, they felt they could control.
Creative Strategy:
Overall, the creative strategy was to provide portable content that the target audience would willingly interact with on their own terms.

The creative functionality of the Tinker Bell Desktop Application was first and foremost designed to achieve this goal. The application was specifically able to track the user's internal calendar and clock for the DVD on-sale date. On this date, the application burst open and images of additional new characters (the Darling children and Peter Pan) flew across the user's desktop while the marketing message updated by announcing that the DVD is "Now Available" (previously the message was "On DVD March 6"). This targeted Day One messaging added unique value to the marketing campaign while also extending the creative experience. Additionally, the target audience was encouraged to interact with the Peter Pan brand if they were familiar with it, and if they were new to the brand, could become enchanted with the magical characters while interacting with the marketing content. Leveraging the iconic character of Tinker Bell enabled our advertising creative to appeal to both demographics due to the universal appeal of Tinker Bell. By creating a unique piece of content for users to "physically" take away from the online advertisements we imbued the brand with greater value and longer interactivity rates as the users can continue to "play" with Tink beyond the media campaign flight dates.

After all the impressions were served, nearly 116,000 people downloaded the application. That meant that up until the release date these parents and children were exposed to the magic of Peter Pan every time they turned on their PC. And on the release date, they got a magical surprise courtesy of Tinker Bell.
Total Cost: Rollout Under $50,000