Eligibility for | How to Request Data Sets

ELIGIBILITY: Data Sets are available to three groups:

  • Full-time faculty at colleges and universities
  • Ph.D. Students, doctoral candidates, and full-time researchers at colleges/universities
  • Marketing EDGE Professors' Academy members (free of charge)
  • Not in one of these groups?  If you are a student or part-time faculty, your faculty advisor or department chair may acquire and make the data set available to you via one of the options shown below.
  • We are not permitted to provide our data sets to businesses.

Marketing EDGE should be able to verify eligibility (that the individual making the request is in one of the above three groups); for example, for a Professors' Academy non-member, we will search for a biography page or current PhD student list on the school’s website.   


For Ph.D. students and doctoral candidates:

Full-time faculty may:

To All Who Request Marketing EDGE Data Sets

  • This Non-Disclosure Agreement is required from the data set user in order for Marketing EDGE to release data sets.  A purchase or Professors' Academy membership of an eligible party is required as well.
  • Please note that the data in the library is provided “as is.”  We cannot resolve discrepancies in the data nor can we provide information beyond what is included.

  • Access to the data is not provided on this website; it is provided via email.