Kelly Gugel Interview

Kelly Gugel

Name: Kelly Gugel
School: University of Virginia
Current Position: Associate Product Manager, Promotions
Company: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Could you give a brief description of your current job and responsibilities?

I work with our product management team on product development and marketing for elementary mathematics programs. This involves researching and creating innovative new products as well as planning and executing strategic marketing campaigns to effectively position and sell our programs.

How has your experience in NextGen helped you in your current position?

The NextGen program was a great way to gain a broad base of experience and build confidence in my ability to contribute to a team. Plus, the rotating nature of the program was ideal for developing key skills like flexibility and adaptability.

What kind of connections have you made through your involvement with NextGen?

During and after the NextGen program I had the opportunity to learn from so many experienced marketers that generously offered their time and encouragement in helping me learn and advance my career. Also, it was great to be able to collaborate with the other program Associates and learn from their similar, yet unique experiences.

What advice would you give to someone considering participation in NextGen?

Go for it! If you are interested in direct marketing, this is the best way to gain valuable, actionable experience that will give you an advantage as you begin your career.

If you could only use one word to describe your NextGen experience, what would it be?