Cristina Celis Interview

Name: Cristina Celis
School: Brown University
Current Position: Strategic Consultant
Company: Epsilon


Could you give a brief description of your current job and responsibilities?

As a Strategic Consultant, I work closely with the Analytics team to help clients across a number of industries (mostly Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Packaged Goods) leverage their customer databases to create and execute data-driven marketing strategies across the customer lifecycle.

How has your experience in NextGen helped you in your current position?

Through the NextGen program I gained a robust understanding of the building blocks of marketing from both a client and an agency perspective—including creating marketing strategy, managing email and direct mail campaigns, fielding and analyzing research, and building compelling presentations for senior executives.

What kind of connections have you made through your involvement with NextGen?

The program has introduced me to a large and diverse group of marketing veterans who support Marketing EDGE, as well as a wonderful community of young and ambitious marketers who have participated, or are currently participating, in the NextGen program.

What advice would you give to someone considering participation in NextGen?

Rotating through different companies every few months sounds hard—it is. Be prepared to learn quickly and think on your feet as you hit the ground running at the start of each rotation. At the same time, remember to take advantage of the Marketing EDGE team as well as your fellow Marketing EDGE Associates for help and advice along the way. Finally, remember to enjoy the ride!

If you could only use one word to describe your NextGen experience, what would it be?