Jennie Liang Interview

Name: Jennie Liang
School: Tulane University
Current Position: Account Executive
Company: BoomBox

Could you give a brief description of your current job and responsibilities?

I am currently the Account Executive for the American Express OPEN Small-Business division at BoomBox. As the AE for a smaller agency, I have the responsibility of growing and strengthening client relationships, as well as developing and implementing strategic messaging and positioning for digital campaigns.

How has your experience in NextGen helped you in your current position?

My experience in NextGen has definitely helped open doors and opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. Being able to experience three very different types of companies during my year-long rotation helped me narrow down the type of culture that I enjoy working in. Additionally, I highly value the continued support that Marketing EDGE provides, even after my NextGen rotation year.

What kind of connections have you made through your involvement with NextGen?

I have had the fortune to meet so many great people and personalities through my involvement with NextGen. The people of Marketing EDGE and the DMA are very invested in the future of ex-NextGen leaders and the support has been palpable at every event I have attended. Since the completion of the NextGen program, I have continuously been recognized for my affiliation with Marketing EDGE.

What advice would you give to someone considering participation in NextGen?

Be ready to learn something and be open to new experiences. Direct marketing is a foreign concept and the NextGen program can definitely help steer your career in new directions.


If you could only use one word to describe your NextGen experience, what would it be?