Roxanna Larizadeh Interview

Roxanna Larizadeh

Name: Roxanna Larizadeh
School: Georgetown University
Current Position: Marketing Assistant, Pureology Global Marketing
Company: L'Oreal USA


Could you give a brief description of your current job and responsibilities?

My job involves building concepts for upcoming product launches, identifying new and upcoming trends relating to beauty, following the conception to launch of all haircare skus and managing the artwork process in between, performing monthly brand analyses and providing recommendations on how to improve our business.

How has your experience in NextGen helped you in your current position?

My NextGen experience taught me how to continuously adapt to different work environments and to be able to assume new responsibilities very rapidly. This skill is highly valued in a competitive corporate environment, and so far it has enabled me to seize new opportunities as well as to grow more efficiently and rapidly at L'Oreal where I currently work.

What kind of connections have you made through your involvement with NextGen?

I have made lasting friendships with some of my peers in the program and also a few of my previous superiors whom I worked for during my rotations.

What advice would you give to someone considering participation in NextGen?

My strongest advice would be for them to prepare themselves for a very proactive environment, become fully engaged in each rotation and learn as much as possible. Exploring each role to its fullest is key to understand what really interests them and where they would make the best fit at the end of the program.

If you could only use one word to describe your NextGen experience, what would it be?