2015-2016 NextGen Associate Profiles

Peyton Brown - Next Generation Leaders Associate

Name:    Peyton Brown
School:  The University of Chicago
Major:    Psychology (concentration in Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior)
“When I came across the Next Generation Leaders Program, there was one word that stood out to me from all that rest  mentorship! I would not be where I am today without the people who mentored, supported and encouraged me along the way. I knew that Marketing EDGE was the kind of organization that would put the same amount of blood, sweat and tears into my success as they would their own as long as I was willing to work hard on my end. I am honored to be a Next Generation Leader and I look forward to cultivating long-lasting friendships, networking with prominent marketing professionals, and most importantly challenging myself in ways that will foster growth and transformation.”
I am a graduate of the University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology concentrated in Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior. My primary interest lies in studying how the brain and its influence on human behavior are valuable to the field of Marketing.  I have a passion for people and an even greater desire for learning about the ways in which marketing can best reach them. 
As a Social Neuroeconomics Research Assistant, I helped design and implement studies to discover the most effective techniques of targeting specific brain areas, like pleasure centers, that are very much involved in consumer behavior. In addition, I worked as a Social Media/ Marketing Intern for a non-profit organization named Together We Rise where I marketed their mission and reached out to local foster care homes in the Chicago area in order to raise awareness of the organization’s services and events. I also held multiple leading mentorship roles as an Executive Lead Mentor and Teaching Assistant, in which I facilitated various self-growth and leadership exercises.
While I have a strong interest in Marketing, I also have a passion for impacting the lives of others, and NextGen guides us to become influential leaders.  I am super excited to gain challenging, innovative and practical Marketing knowledge that the Next Generation Leaders program works to deliver in order to establish a well-rounded understanding of the field!  I hope to learn more about marketing strategy and develop my own Marketing skills, to eventually become a leading mentor for others who also aspire to have a similar career. 

Martha Gallant - Next Generation Leaders Associate

Name:    Martha Gallant
School:  Tulane University
Major:    Public Health and Sociology
“I was drawn to the Next Generation Leaders Program by its focus on education and professional development. I am excited about the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the field through Marketing EDGE and the Direct Marketing Association. Thanks to Marketing EDGE, I feel confident that I will jump-start a strong career in marketing during my time at SSA & Company and WLA, Inc. 
I graduated from Tulane University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Sociology. My coursework introduced me to analyzing social trends and piqued my interest in the field of marketing. During my senior year I worked as a senior research assistant in Tulane's Sociology department and became very interested in using surveys and statistics to evaluate consumer behavior. 
At Tulane, I was a student ambassador for the Office of Multicultural Affairs and a coach for Girls on the Run, an elementary and middle school running program. I also interned for the New Orleans Farmers Market's marketing department and tutored math and SAT preparation. 
I am thrilled to join the Next Generation Leaders Program in New York and learn from leaders in the field at SSA & Company and WLA, Inc. 

Christine Menchaca - Next Generation Leaders Associate

Name:    Christine Menchaca
School:  The University of California, Berkeley
Major:    Media Studies
“From the moment I learned of the Next Generation Program I knew it was what I needed to pursue coming out of college. The program’s combination of industry experience, sponsored training, and expert mentoring and networking is an unparalleled opportunity for anyone interested in marketing.” 
I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. At Cal I became heavily involved in campus organizations, working as a sports reporter for our university newspaper and as Director of Public Relations for the Undergraduate Communications Association. 
Outside the campus, I interned for various companies, including two marketing internships with the Center for Sustainable Energy--a non-profit that works alongside state and local government to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. My passion for marketing grew; as I immersed myself in assisting a relatively new department, developing new corporate events, social media, and website strategy from the ground up.
I am extremely grateful and excited to be a part of this year’s Next Generations Leaders Program in New York. I look forward to contributing to and learning from industry leaders at WLA, Inc. and SSA & Company.

Noelle Tremmel - Next Generation Leaders Associate

Name:    Noelle Tremmel
School:  The University of San Diego
Major:    Marketing
“I wanted to be a part of Marketing EDGE’s NextGen program because it is a unique opportunity that allows recent grads to work for established companies and gain experience in many aspects of marketing as well as network with industry leaders. NextGen is an amazing program that provides young professionals with the tools and support to jumpstart their careers.”
I’m a recent graduate of the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. At USD I was involved in the Marketing Club, Microfinance Club, and the sorority Alpha Phi. I was the director of external philanthropy for Alpha Phi as well as a member of the Greek Philanthropy Board. 
I’ve worked in marketing roles at several different companies: EnteroMedics, a medical device company in Minnesota, Milholland Solar and Electric, a solar energy company in San Diego, and Ninthlink, a Digital Agency also in San Diego. 
I’ve always had a passion for advertising and marketing and I am eager to start my post-grad career with Marketing EDGE and LIFT Agency!